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workers compensation lawyerIf you have been injured in the workplace, the Knoxville workers compensation lawyers at Greg Coleman Law can help determine if you are eligible to receive compensation for your injuries.

There are no upfront fees for us to handle your case. We only get paid when we win and we have successfully recovered more than $250,000,000.00 in compensation for our clients.

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What Type Of Companies Need To Carry Workers Compensation?

According to the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development, Division of Workers Compensation, employers must have workers compensation insurance if:

  • They have five or more full or part-time employees;
  • They are engaged in mining and production of coal with one or more employees; or
  • They are contractors in the construction industry with one or more employees.

This means that if a worker in Tennessee has been injured on the job, chances are they are qualified to receive workers compensation benefits.

Common Workplace Injuries

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), every year in America, over 3 million people suffer a workplace injury from which they may never recover. In fact, 4,547 workers were killed on the job in 2010 alone, with almost 1/5 of these injuries are construction-related.

It is the employers responsibility to keep the work environment safe, and when a workplace injury occurs, the employee should not be held responsible. 

Some common workplace injuries include:

  • Dislocations
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Severed nerves
  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Dismemberment
  • Broken bone
  • Head and neck injuries
  • Back injuries

These injuries can be caused by a variety of circumstances - including faulty equipment, lenient safety regulations and carelessness or negligence of co-workers. However, by being alert and aware of your surroundings can often help to prevent or minimize a workplace injury.

Types Of Disability Benefits

As there are many types of injuries and different levels of injury severity, the workers compensation system has been designed to accommodate these situations.

The primary types of injury benefits include:

Permanent - these are paid to workers that have sustained injuries that prevent them from returning to work in any capacity.

Permanent impairment - these benefits are given to workers that have suffered a serious injury that impedes their ability to perform their job. Workers that have injuries that result in limb amputation, loss of vision or serious facial disfigurement are often eligible to receive these benefits.

Temporary total - if a worker in injured on the job and that injury prevents them from returning to that job for a limited period of time, the employee may be eligible to receive these benefits.

Temporary partial - these benefits are awarded to workers that are able to work in a limited capacity during the recovery of their injuries.

Supplemental - if a worker has an injury rating of 20% or MORE, or if a worker earns less than their pre-injury wage, the injury victim may be eligible to receive these benefits.

Death - in the unfortunate event of a worker being killed on the job, death benefits may be provided to the families or dependents of those that are eligible - however, the time to claim this benefit is often limited to one to five years after the incident.

If you have been injured at work and are unsure of the benefits that you may be entitled today, contact our attorneys today. We offer a 100% FREE initial case review, that allows our clients to submit the details of their incident, which our lawyers will review and then determine if you have grounds to file a claim.

If so, we will then advise on the best way to move forward with proceedings.

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Knoxville Attorney Greg ColemanWorkers compensation benefits give an employee economic stability during their recovery from a workplace injury. If you or a loved one has been injured while on the job, you are not alone.

At the law offices of Greg Coleman Law, our team of attorneys have DETAILED knowledge of Tennessee's workers' compensation laws and will fight for the justice that you deserve. We offer 100% FREE case reviews to help determine the merits of your claim and we only get paid when we win.

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