Garbage Truck Accidents

Garbage Truck Accidents

Garbage truck accidentsOver 1,400 injury-causing crashes and near 90 fatal collisions involved waste disposal trucks in 2010, according to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) data. Although the enormous, slow-paced vehicles do not seem threatening, cyclists and pedestrians are particularly at risk; in a passenger car, anything from a rear-end bump to a full-blown blaze could occur as a result of a garbage truck accident.

If you or someone you care about has been injured because of an impact with a garbage truck, the victim may be entitled to seek monetary recourse. Greg Coleman Law is proud to defend the rights of victims like you with the knowledge and experience of our esteemed Knoxville truck accident attorneys. We can give you the guidance you need to seek compensation for the injuries you have suffered.

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Causes of Accidents with Garbage Trucks

Waste removal vehicles are driving through residential areas during most of their route. Even though they move at slow speeds, garbage trucks may have trouble maneuvering because of limited visibility and the bulky size, shape and weight the truck carries. Some of the many factors that can contribute to an accident involving a waste removal truck include:

These are merely a few of the potential reasons a collision with a garbage truck could happen. Both The National Solid Wastes Management Association (NSWMA) and Waste Management, Inc. (one of the largest waste companies in the U.S.) are making efforts to improve safety in the industry by revising standards and reducing occupational hazards for employees of waste removal companies, but accidents are still prevalent. In many cases, the victims are waste removal employees, pedestrians and cyclists. Minor injuries to major trauma could result from a garbage truck accident.

Injuries Sustained in Waste Disposal Vehicle Collisions

Depending on the details of the accident, a collision with a commercial truck like the ones waste removal companies use can cause a variety of injuries, from bruises and minor abrasions to life-threatening trauma such as spinal cord injury or loss of limb. If a garbage truck is somehow caused to rollover, any person in the vehicle's path is likely to be killed.

Some injuries frequently caused by these types of accidents include:

Tennessee roads see over 125 fatal crashes involving large trucks each year, according to the Tennessee Department of Safety. In 2012, trucks were involved in more than 10% of all fatal accidents. If you were injured or lost someone you love in a collision with a waste disposal truck or other commercial vehicle, one of our wrongful death or personal injury lawyers can provide you with the guidance and knowledge needed to pursue justice.

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