Tow Truck Accidents

Tow Truck Accidents

Large, commercial trucks can serve many purposes and each have a different function dependent on their industry or carrier. Unfortunately, truck accidents kill thousands of people every year and their imposing size and shape equates to serious injury or death to occupants of those vehicles that are involved in the accidents.

The United States Department of Transportations Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration defines a large truck as one exceeding 10,000 pounds, and annually these vehicles are involved in over 42,000 accidents resulting in injury.

Furthermore, in 2009 there were 3,215 deaths because of truck accidents nationally, while the Tennessee Department of Safety notes almost 700 fatalities in Knox County alone in 2008. Tow trucks are a huge source of danger on the road, as they are heavy and cumbersome, requiring the driver to have a deep understanding of their mechanics in order to operate them safely.

Thousands of catastrophic injuries occur every year as a result of accidents involving tow trucks, and the attorneys at Greg Coleman Law believe that the negligent drivers need to be held accountable for their careless behavior. If you or a loved one was injured because of tow truck driver negligence, you may be eligible for compensation that can help cover the medical bills and other costs associated with recovering from a serious injury.

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Types of Towing Equipment

Under the umbrella of tow trucks there is a variety of equipment required for different industries and jobs. The different types of towing equipment used are:

  • Boom: Adjustable winch used for recovery vehicles out of ditches, etc.
  • Hook and chain: Chains wrap around the frame or axle of the vehicle in need of towing. Sometimes used for towing vehicles that have been in an accident.
  • Wheel-lift: A large metal yoke draws vehicles off the ground by pneumatic or hydraulic hoist.
  • Flatbed: Truck bed can decline to transport vehicles on top of it.
  • Integrated: Utilizes both a boom and wheel-lift.

In addition to these standards types, there are many combination vehicles, such as flatbeds that also use a wheel-lift.

Causes of Tow Truck Collisions

Factors that cause distraction of any kind can contribute to tow truck accidents, but there are other variables that can cause or worsen the severity of a tow truck crash which are inherent to the industry. For example, fatigued driving can occur because truck drivers often drive hundreds of miles without sleeping, thereby creating an opportunity for an accident.

The following are some of the most frequently cited reasons for tow truck accidents:

Tow truck drivers typically are required to carry a Commercial Driver License, or CDL, in order to operate their rig. Proper training is vital to keeping the driver and those they share the roads with safe, although it is not a guarantee that the driver will always behave responsibly behind the wheel.

Studies show that the number of tow truck drivers who are properly trained and licensed accordingly is a mere one third of the amount of drivers that are on the road. Drivers without sufficient training and licensing may be the result of lax CDL requirements, which does not make it necessary for a tow truck driver to carry a CDL in order to operate that vehicle.

Types of Tow Truck Accidents

The various accident configurations that can result from a collision vary according to the specifics of the crash, but there are several kinds that are seen repeatedly to cause serious injury and, in some cases, death.

Types of tow truck accidents include:

Load shifts are a very common issue with trucks that haul cargo, and inclement weather can also cause problems for a truck driver as the vehicle does not maneuver well to avoid other accidents that may have happened on the stretch of road they are driving.

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