Runaway Trailer Accidents

Runaway Trailers

Accidents involving runaway trailers are rare. In fact, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration found that only .10% of the fatal crashes involving large trucks from 2007-2011 involved the trucks couplings, hitches, or chains. However, when they do happen, they can leave a path of destruction and result in serious and sometimes fatal injuries.

Runaway trailer accidents happen when a truck and its trailer are travelling at different speeds. This may force the driver of the truck to lose control or the trailer to become unattached.  If the latter occurs, a trailer (because of its weight, size, and speed it is travelling) will crush almost anything in its way until it is brought to a complete stop.

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Causes of Runaway Trailer Accidents

A majority of tractor-trailer drivers are long-haul drivers and operate vehicles with a capacity of at least 26,001 pounds per gross vehicle weight and are under pressure to make strict delivery times.

As if those two factors didnt make their job difficult enough, they also have to contend with the following:

Driving Speed

When operating a commercial truck, drivers must adjust their speeds to account for the road conditions and the weight and type of cargo they are transporting.

Steep Declines

Large trucks can sometimes have difficulties with their brakes when slowing down on a road that descends in elevation.  An experienced attorney will need to investigate to determine if poor roadway design or negligence on the part of the driver were factors in the crash.

Brake Failures and Vehicle Defects

If the trailers brakes do not work in accordance with the tractors brakes, the trailer can become unattached. This can also occur if other parts of the vehicle are defective or malfunctioning.

Sudden Turns

If a truck driver takes a turn suddenly or too quickly, it can cause the truck to jackknife or the trailer could detach.

Here at Greg Coleman Law, our team of attorneys has the skills and resources necessary to prove driver negligence in a court of law and get deserving victims the compensation that they are seeking. With over 100 jury trials and countless bench trials, we have obtained hundreds of millions of dollars in successful verdicts and settlements, across a variety of areas of personal damages cases.

Runaway Trailer Accident Injuries

The severity of a runaway trailer accident will depend upon the speeds involved, the size and weight of the unattached trailer, and how long it travels before being stopped. Any number of injuries can occur during one of these collisions, but here are some of the most common:

If you sustain any of the injuries listed above, seek immediate medical attention. In addition to the care that you receive, the documents that doctors create can help strengthen your case if your claim goes to trial.

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Although runaway trailer accidents only constitute a small percentage of overall truck accidents, it just takes one to forever alter the lives of victims. After a crash, they can be left wondering how they will be able to deal with their physical and mental anguish, medical costs, and lost wages.

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