Dislocated Joints & Damages Claims in TN

Dislocated Joints

When two bones come together, this area is referred to as a joint. A dislocated joint injury occurs when the bones are forced out of their normal position. Typically, this type of injury is caused by a car accident, a fall or a sports injury.

Listed below are some joints that are commonly injured:

  • Elbows
  • Shoulders
  • Knees
  • Fingers
  • Hips
  • Ankles

In adults, the most common joint to be dislocated is the shoulder; while children are more likely to dislocate one of their elbows.

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Symptoms of a Dislocated Joint Injury  

Dislocated joints are serious and sometimes life-threatening injuries. You may have dislocated a joint, if you exhibit any of the symptoms below after a car collision:

  • Intense pain, especially if you try to use the joint or put weight on it
  • Limited in movement
  • The joint is swollen or bruised
  • The joint is visibly out of place, discolored, or misshapen
  • Numbness or tingling at the joint

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Actions to Take After a Dislocated Joint

If you believe that a loved one has dislocated a joint, please follow the steps below:

  • Call 911 before treating someone who may have a dislocated joint, especially if the accident causing the injury may be life-threatening.
  • If the injury is serious, check the individuals' airway, breathing, and circulation. Perform CPR, if necessary.
  • Do not move the accident victim if you think that their head, back, or leg has been injured. Make sure to keep the person still.
  • If the skin is broken, take steps to prevent infection. Rinse the wound and remove any dirt or debris, but do not scrub the area. Cover the injury with sterile dressings before immobilizing the injury.
  • If possible, splint or sling the injury in the position in which you found it. Do not move the joint.
  • Check the person's blood circulation around the injury by pressing firmly on the skin in the affected area. It should blanch white, and then regain color within a couple of seconds. Avoid this step if the skin has been broken, to reduce the chance of infection.
  • Apply ice packs on the injury to ease pain and swelling.
  • Keep the injury victim calm while you wait for medical assistance.

Treatment for Dislocated Joints

Treatment for a dislocation will depend on the type of joint injured and the severity. Some common treatments for a dislocated joint injury include:


During this process, your doctor may try some simple maneuvers to help put your bones back into position. Depending on the amount of pain and swelling, you may need a local anesthetic during the reduction.


 After your bones are back in their correct positions, your physician may immobilize your joint with a splint or sling for several weeks. The severity of the injury will determine how long you need to wear the splint.

Pain medication

 Your doctor may prescribe a pain reliever or a muscle relaxant to ease the pain and discomfort of the injury.  


If there has been damage to the nerves or blood vessels, you may to need to undergo surgery. Doctors will also perform surgery on an individual, if they cannot get the joint back to its original position.

Physical Therapy

After the splint or sling is removed, you'll begin a gradual rehabilitation program to rebuild your joint's range of motion and strength.

Severe dislocations may take several months to heal.

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