TN Defensive Driving Attorney

TN Defensive Driving Attorney

Defensive driverAccording to a report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the state of Tennessee saw 1,031 motor vehicle traffic fatalities in 2010. As more deaths continue to be recorded in the state of Tennessee, motorists are beginning to recognize the value in defensive driving techniques. As old sports adage goes the best offense is a good defense. This simple statement directly relates to safely operating a motor vehicle.

While some traffic collisions are certainly unavoidable, have a basic knowledge of defensive driving techniques will put Knoxville drivers in the best position to foresee potential danger before it strikes. Greg Coleman Law strongly believes in motorist education to reduce the number of auto accidents across the state of Tennessee.

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Defensive Driving Techniques

According to a study by AAA, a motor vehicle traffic fatality occurs every 13 minutes in the United States. Based upon this statistic alone, Knoxville residents can understand that serious danger is present on the roads and highways throughout Tennessee. Avoiding accidents in situations with bad road conditions, adverse weather, or reckless drivers can be achieved with ample knowledge of potential hazards on the roads.

The following defensive driving techniques can help Tennessee motorists to better protect themselves:

Avoid Assumptions

When driving on the roads in Tennessee, it is easy to get caught up in driving assumptions. Drivers believe that they can predict what the vehicle in front, behind, or beside them is going to do next. Unfortunately, however, driving assumptions have led to countless collisions in Tennessee. Never assume that a vehicle will stop at a red light or stop sign, signal before turning, or exercise any level of precaution. With this mindset, Knoxville motorists are able to avoid a potentially serious traffic accident.

Avoid Distractions

Driving in Tennessee today is much different than it was just a few years ago. As more and more motorists purchase smart phones and GPS devices, the number of available distraction within the vehicle becomes hazardous. Looking down at a cell phone for a split second could be the difference between life and death. As such, one of the best defensive driving techniques starts inside of your own car. Do not look at any type of device (cell phone, GPS, radio, etc.) while operating a vehicle.

Be Alert

Maintaining a heightened level of alertness is one of the defensive driving techniques that seem simple yet is constantly ignored by the typical driver. Beyond simply following traffic signs and obeying all traffic laws, Tennessee drivers must also remember to focus on the road, as well as the other vehicles surrounding them. Be alert means anticipating danger before it strikes, putting the driver in a position to react quickly and avoid a crash. Motorists should also frequently check all mirrors in order to be prepared for quick reactions such as braking or changing lanes.

Communicate Driving Intentions

One of the biggest contributors to both side-impact and rear-end collisions is a lack of communication by one of the drivers. In this regard, communication refers to the use of turning signals. Many drivers in Tennessee become lazy behind the wheel, not taking the time to signify their intentions, thus placing them in a position to be struck by another driver. Before making a turn, changing lanes, or any sudden stops, other motorists on the road must be warned.

Have a Plan B

Even the most prepared drivers cannot predict the future. With this in mind, all Tennessee motorists should have a plan b in place, meaning an alternate path in the case of an emergency. In general, this means establishing an exit strategy if something was to occur on the roads near your vehicle.

Keep a Safe Distance

Knoxville drivers must keep in mind the two second rule while they are driving in Tennessee, especially while on the highway. The two second rule indicates that when the vehicle in front of you reaches a certain point, the length of time that you should be reaching that same point is two seconds after. Tailgating is one of the most dangerous actions a driver can take. Keep in mind that the two second rule applies to perfect driving conditions. When bad weather, poor roads, or large vehicles come into play, motorists must adjust the traveling distance between themselves and the car in front of them.

Wear a Seat Belt

A research study by the NHTSA stated that a motorist can decrease the likelihood of a fatal accident by 45 percent if a seat belt is worn. Far too many drivers in Tennessee operate their vehicles without a seat belt on. However, studies have proven that wearing a seat belt greatly reduces the probability of surviving a motor vehicle collision.

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