Traffic Signage

Traffic Signage

Traffic signage was implemented to keep our roadways safe across America. In most cases, these signs are similar from state to state and have the same meaning, such as the stop sign. These rules and regulations are also created and maintained by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in order to keep our roadways consistent.

There are several different types of signs drivers may see across our Tennessee roadways and all must be learned to keep yourself and other drivers safe.  Our Tennessee government also offers road sign practice tests that individuals can take to familiarize themselves with our signage. Of course, these practice tests are intended for those in route to take their drivers license test, however refining our skills is always recommended.

If you or a member of your family has been injured in an automobile accident as a result of a negligent driver, our attorneys believe that it is the responsibility of that negligent individual to pay for the damages and losses they have caused to the innocent victim.

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Traffic Warning Signs

In most cases, traffic warning signs are bright colors such as yellow or orange with black writing. These signs typically designate specific areas of travel and give drivers a warning of what is to come to allow adjustments in driving behavior.

Some traffic warning signs include:

  • Animal crossing
  • Construction zones
  • Falling rock signs
  • No passing zones
  • Railroad crossing
  • School zones

Although there are many other types of traffic warning signs, these are a few that are commonly seen across our Tennessee roadways.

Traffic Regulation Signs

Traffic regulation signs are intended to keep our Tennessee roadways safe and must be obeyed at all times.  Unfortunately, drivers tend to neglect these signs, which lead to a large number of accidents, injuries and fatalities each year.

Some traffic regulation signs include:

  • Merging traffic signs
  • One-way traffic signs
  • Parking signs
  • Speed limit signs
  • Stop signs
  • Yield signs

If an individual is caught while neglecting to recognize these signs, they will typically be written a citation. When these citations begin to add up, it can potentially lead to the suspension of an individuals license.

Traffic Lights

Traffic lights play an essential role in maintaining the proper flow of traffic. When these lights are neglected, such as running a red light, they can lead to the most common and severe types of accidents.  Citations given for neglecting traffic lights are often more harsh than those of neglecting any other type of sign.

Some common traffic lights include:

  • Pedestrian activated lights
  • Progressive lights
  • Timed lights
  • Traffic activated lights

Remember; these lights are intended to keep us safe while driving and maintain the flow of traffic. Each traffic light has been specifically calibrated for each area in order to keep traffic flowing at its optimal level.

Traffic Guide Signs

Traffic guide signs are especially useful for travelers from either inside or outside of Tennessee.  These signs help drivers recognize common areas such as food, gas, rest areas, and parks. They are typically coded in universal colors from state to state.

These traffic guide signs include:

  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Green

Clearly, there is no penalty for neglecting these signs, although they are intended to help drivers in different ways other than safety and traffic signs.

Injuries Associated With Neglecting Traffic Signage

A statistic provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration demonstrates that over 2.3 million intersection accidents, 7,770 fatalities, and 733,000 injuries occurred across the nation in 2008.  These accidents can easily be avoided by drivers abiding by traffic laws and paying attention. Unfortunately, reckless, ignorant, careless, and distracted drivers cause these sorts of accidents each day, making them one of the top causes of automobile accidents in America.  

Some common injuries include:

We can do our best to avoid these types of accidents by practicing defensive driving habits and looking all ways before we start driving at all intersections.

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