Teenage Driver Crash Stats

Teenage Driver Crash Stats

Teen drivers are amongst the most eager, excited group of individuals who navigate the roads and highways of Tennessee. All motorists can relate to the feeling that they had when they first passed the driving test and received their drivers license. As a teenager, it is often difficult to move past this excitement and fully understand the serious nature of operating a motor vehicle. Teen driver accident statistics highlight the vast dangers associated with teenage drivers, likely attributed to their lack of experience behind the wheel.

Recent statistics point out that nearly seven teenagers die each and every day in the United States due to a teen driver accident. The severity of these crashes varies significantly, but all motorists must be aware of the threat of traffic injuries and fatalities when operating a vehicle in close proximity to a new driver. A typical teen driver accident is often impacted by these factors:

  • Newly received their drivers license
  • Male teen drivers are two times more likely to get into a crash when compared to females
  • Teen drivers tend to travel with passengers, increasing the number of distractions in the vehicle

While some collisions are certainly unavoidable, being aware of the common dangers linked to teenage drivers is important to increase safety and reduce the likelihood of a crash. Greg Coleman Law has played an essential role in the Tennessee community for many years. Our Knoxville personal injury lawyers support driver education for teens to help prepare them for the dangerous roadways that lie ahead. If you or a loved one has been involved in a teen driver accident, Greg Coleman Law is here for you.

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Teen Driver Risk Factors

A variety of factors contribute to teen driver collisions. Unfortunately, however, statistics prove that any teen driver is automatically placed in danger of injury or death as soon as they get behind the wheel of their vehicle. Parents play an enormous role in the level of safety that teen drivers display. In fact, about 89 percent of teenage drivers note getting their driving habits from their parents. Therefore, all parents must adhere to the rules of road at all times in order to set the right example for their teens that are learning to drive.

In general, history points to four critical factors involved in teenage driver crashes. These factors include the use of mobile phones, peer pressure, speeding, and parental involvement. Below, we will outline each of these factors in terms of how they affect the state of Tennessee roadways.

Use of Mobile Phones

Recent statistics indicate that more than half of all teen drivers admit to both answering and making phone calls while they are operating their vehicle. Sadly, being o the phone while driving actually doubles these teens probability of being involved in a traffic crash. In addition to phone conversation, texting while driving has been the fast-growing issue. Today, more than 13 percent of teen drivers send and receive text messages while driving.

Peer Pressure

Teen drivers are known for traveling with friends in their vehicle. From going to activities after school to carpooling to parties and football games, teens tend to be in the car with others the majority of the time. Unfortunately, about 44 percent of teens drive much safer without friends in their vehicle. Even worse, 67 percent of teenagers admit to feeling unsafe when another teen is driving.


Speeding is certainly an issue with all drivers; however, teens tend to speed with substantial frequency. Speeding in teen drivers is often linked to their excitement towards their newfound freedom. Close to 70 percent of teens admit to speeding in order to keep up with traffic. In addition, about 17 percent of teenagers admit to actually enjoying speeding, a very scary thought for other Tennessee drivers.

Parental Involvement

Parents play an enormous role in teen drivers, from learning how to drive to ensuring that the rules of the road are followed at all times. Parents must be actively involved in their teens driving in order to encourage safe driving habits as well as set consequences for ignoring them. Parents must stress the importance of seat belt use, curfews, and the number of passengers allows in the car. Finally, parents must also stress the importance of NO drinking and driving and NO texting while driving.

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