Snow Plow Accidents

Snow Plow Accidents

During the winter months, Knoxville streets benefit from the use of plows in clearing away the dense snow that makes them so dangerous for our citizens to traverse. Although these heavy trucks are a necessity, there are serious dangers abound for drivers of snow plows and other motor vehicles if they collide.

In Knox County in 2012, the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security reported 51 fatalities, many of which can be attributed to collisions with trucks like snow plows. An accident involving a snow plow and a passenger vehicle will almost always result in catastrophic injuries to the occupants of the smaller of the two, the passenger car.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a collision with a snow plow and the trauma you sustained is due to another persons negligence, compensation could be awarded to you and your family under a personal injury claim.

Our belief at Greg Coleman Law is that every victim is entitled to justice for their injury and for the physical pain and mental anguish they suffered during the incident. Snow plow collisions can seriously injure, maim or kill motorists who are victims of snow plow driver negligence.

We understand that the mental and emotional trauma of being involved in an accident can linger for years, and Greg Coleman Law can offer stability and guidance during a confusing and chaotic time in your life.

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Causes of Snow Plow Accidents

Snow plow drivers often spend hours clearing the roads, and an overworked or fatigued driver can easily cause an accident with an oncoming vehicle, resulting in injury to both parties. Negligence behind the wheel of a snow plow could be caused by many factors, but it is inexcusable when operators knowingly get behind the wheel of their vehicle without the proper training, rest or visibility.

The following scenarios are the most likely culprits of a snow plow accident:

  • Alcohol or drug use
  • Cell phone use
  • Fatigued driver
  • Manual distraction
  • Overworked driver
  • and many other factors.

If the actions of the snow plow driver were reckless, careless or in any way negligent, the operator of that vehicle may be held liable for the injuries that you sustained during the crash.

Pedestrians and Snow Plows

In the most unfortunate of circumstances, pedestrians can be struck and killed by snow plows that simply do not see them. There have been several instances of children being fatally hit by plows while playing, riding a bike or riding a scooter. The amount of snow that flies through the air when a plow barrels down a road is enough to obscure the drivers vision, and a pedestrian may not realize when they are in the snow plows blind spot, in addition.

Always make sure children are accounted for around snow plows, and educate them on the importance of staying back from one, even if they believe the driver sees them.

Who is Liable for Your Injuries?

Following a collision with a snow plow it is vital to understand the relationship between the operator of the snow plow and the owner or company that employed the driver. These details may seem insignificant at the time but they will determine who is truly liable for any injuries you sustained.

  • Identify the operator of the snow plow
  • Identify the owner, which may or may not be the same individual as the operator
  • Identify the company who employed the operator
  • Was the plow employed by the Department of Transportation?
  • Was the plow contracted for a particular event or storm?
  • On whose property did the accident occur?

The answers to these questions will hold the key to understanding who is responsible for the harm that was done to you. In certain circumstances, more than one of the parties may be held liable in which case gathering these details becomes all the more important.

Contacting a Knoxville Snow Plow Accident Lawyer

At Greg Coleman Law we are well versed in truck collision litigation, and we know firsthand that accidents involving snow plows and motor vehicles can result in some of the most catastrophic injuries. Our attorneys have extensive experience with and knowledge of truck laws outlined by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. With our main office in Knoxville, we are also licensed to serve the entire state of Tennessee.

Some locations we serve include:

  • Athens
  • Lenoir City
  • Morristown
  • Sevierville
  • Waynesville

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