Types of Seatbelts

Types of Seatbelts

A statistic provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration demonstrates that seat belts can reduce the risk of injuries from auto accidents by 50 percent. In the time frame between 2004 and 2008, it was documented that seatbelts saved over 75,000 lives, while 42 percent of automobile occupants were killed in 2007 because they were not wearing a seatbelt.

Seatbelts were originally designed to secure passengers in their vehicle to prevent harm during an abrupt stop. Of course, the seatbelt may not always prevent injuries during an accident, especially if an individual is hit by a speeding negligent driver.

If you or a family member have been injured in an automobile accident by a negligent individual, the victim may be eligible to receive compensation for their losses and damages including; loss of wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering and property damages.

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Seat Belt Types

The seatbelt was invented in the 19th century by an English engineer named George Cayley. Since this time, there have been dozens of developments in seatbelts which have increased their safety and made them more comfortable.  These advances would come to save more lives and result in less injuries for everyone wearing a seatbelt on our roadways.

The most common seat belt types include:

  • Automatic Seatbelts

Automatic seatbelts are intended to automatically move forward and secure passengers once the vehicle has been started. The lap belt is typically separate in these instances and must be secured manually.  Of course, once airbags become mandatory in nearly every country, the automatic seatbelts began losing their popularity.

  • Belt in Seat

The belt in seat is a three point seatbelt which is attached to the backrest.  Studies have proven that this type of seatbelt may be more effective during rollover accidents, especially in small children.

  • Five Point Harnesses

Five point harnesses offer an increased safety because they restrict even more movement during an accident. These types of seatbelts are usually found in child seats and race cars. The seatbelt is connected between the legs, and across both shoulders creating a five point connection.

  • Lap Belts

Lap belts were the original form of seatbelt, which consists of an adjustable strap that goes across the waist. These are not as commonly found in newer model cars, however they may be found in the rear center seat.

  • Sash Belts

Sash belts are adjustable straps that go over the shoulder of the occupants. These types of seatbelts were popular in the 1960s, however they lost popularity as people were slipping out of them in the event of an accident.

  • Six Point Harnesses

Six point harnesses are mainly found in race cars and became popular after the famous NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt was killed during a racing accident while wearing a five point harness.  These are the same as the five point harness except they have an extra belt between the legs.

  • Three Point Belts

The three point belt is the most commonly found seatbelt in todays vehicles. This seatbelt using one strap which attaches across the waist and over the shoulder. 

Choosing to wear any type of seatbelt is better than not wearing a seatbelt at all; however, there are times where a seatbelt may even cause an injury.

Injuries Caused By Seatbelts

As the seatbelt has a huge roll in saving lives and preventing injuries from occurring, in more severe accidents they may cause injuries if they are not fastened properly.  Some common injuries caused by seatbelts may include the following:

After viewing these injuries, it is highly advised to continue wearing seatbelts as the results of not wearing a seatbelt far outweigh these injuries. Simply imagine what these injuries could have been if a seatbelt was not present at the time of the collision.

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