Recreational Vehicle (RV) Accidents

RV Accidents

A recreational vehicle driving on the roadFamilies, retirees and the generally adventurous take to the open road to explore America in a recreational vehicle (RV) every year. While these vehicles are designed for touring across the country, they also carry hefty weight and have a massive size and shape. These traits make an RV potentially difficult to operate for the average driver. Although recreational vehicle accidents may not be as common as auto collisions, the damage done to a victim in any accident is significant, and justice should prevail.

As a licensed driver in the U.S., you are legally allowed to drive an RV. Because of the unique structure of motorcoaches, it is possible for passengers to remain safe in a collision, but the other vehicles and their occupants are likely to sustain severe damage. In very serious accidents, even the occupants of an RV can sustain horrifying injuries.

If you have been involved in a collision with a recreational vehicle and suffered bodily trauma or lost someone you love in a recreational vehicle accident, you could be eligible to pursue legal and financial recourse in a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. The legal team at Greg Coleman Law has the expertise and determination to fight for justice on your behalf.

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Popular Recreational Vehicles

There are new innovations in RV technology every year, but the types of recreational vehicles have remained standard for many years.

The main varieties of RVs include:

  • Motor homes / motorcoaches: combined living quarters & driving cab in a single vehicle
  • Travel trailers: living quarters towed by another vehicle
  • Truck campers: living quarters designed specifically to be towed by a pickup truck
  • Camping trailer: living quarters designed specifically for camping; must be towed by another vehicle

Todays RVs offer technological innovations that actually increase the area of usable living quarters. For example, camping trailers often feature fold-out sections that create more space and can be easily stored for travelling. Some motor homes have additional rooms that expand from the main cabin using hydraulic systems. Many modern recreational vehicles can comfortably accommodate up to 10 passengers.

Causes of RV Crashes

Although its hard to miss an RV when traveling on the highway, these vehicles are dangerous due to some unique characteristics of the vehicle.

Some common causes that lead to RV accidents include:

A recreational vehicles unique structure presents a higher risk for injury among passengers due to the sheer amount of surfaces and objects that one could strike in the event of a collision. RV passengers are also less likely to be wearing seat belts and thus at higher risk for injury.

For other vehicles, the extreme size and weight of an RV can pose serious risk for severe injury in an accident.

Types of Recreational Vehicle Accidents

Recreational vehicles can pose some of the same hazards as large trucks, and in a collision, can be just as dangerous.

Some common types of accidents involving RVs include:

Even the most experienced driver may be out of their element when behind the wheel of an RV. It is important for any inexperienced drivers to take it slowly when maneuvering, and to never drive at speeds that cause discomfort.

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The results of a recreational vehicle accident can be devastating for both the occupants of the RV and other involved vehicles. If you or a loved one has been harmed because of another drivers negligence, whether you were hit by an RV or riding in one, you could be eligible to pursue financial recourse in a personal injury lawsuit.

The lawyers at Greg Coleman Law know how challenging life can be in the aftermath of a serious accident. Recreational vehicle accidents may not be an everyday occurrence here in Knoxville, but when they happen, those involved deserve to find out about their legal rights and options. Our firm is proud to provide comprehensive legal guidance and representation to the residents of Tennessee and accept clients from the following areas:

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