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Knoxville ERISA LawyerThe employee benefits attorneys at Greg Coleman Law are knowledgeable in many aspects of employee benefits law, including general advice and counsel on the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), and other laws relating to employee benefit plans, and ERISA litigation and support.

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Amendments to ERISA

ERISA has been amended several times since it was first enacted in 1974 to extend coverage from just pension benefits to include health benefits as well. 

These laws were created to be applicable to private employers that offer some type of insurance coverage or employee benefits plan. However, it is important to note that these laws DO NOT apply to privately purchased policies, nor do they require employers to offer these plans to their employees.

What To Do If My Claim Was Rejected?

If your initial ERISA claim was rejected, it is VERY IMPORTANT to note that you only have 180 days to appeal this decision. If you do not claim within this time period, the claimant loses their right to claim benefits.

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Will My Case Go To Trial?

As each state generally has different laws that apply to their employee disability benefits plans, any disputes or discrepancies that are governed by ERISA, will quite often not go to trial.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire An Attorney To Represent Me?

At Greg Coleman Law, we strongly are of the opinion that everyone deserves access to competent legal guidance. Bearing this in mind, we offer two FREE services to our clients:

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If you or your loved one are retired under a Collective Bargaining Agreement, then ERISA governs both your health and pension benefits. Sometimes, obtaining your full benefits can be difficult, and it pays to have an experienced Knoxville ERISA lawyer by your side to help you navigate the system.

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