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tennessee atv accident lawyerEvery year, the popularity of all-terrain vehicles, also referred to as ATVs, continues to grow in the United States. Unfortunately, a by-product of that popularity is that the number of ATV accidents continues to rise as well. In a study recently released by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) more than 800 deaths and 135,000 injuries are caused by ATV accidents each year.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an ATV crash that was caused due to the negligence of another person, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses. Contact our Knoxville,Tennessee ATV Accident Attorney to explore your legal options.

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Common Causes of All-Terrain-Vehicle/ATV Crashes

Due to the outdoor-oriented nature of ATV's, many injuries involving an ATV accident can often be caused by a number of factors. However, the results of various studies have shown a consistent trend of accident causes that are common with most injuries.

Some of these include, but are not limited to:

  • Operating the vehicle at unsafe speeds
  • Inexperienced drivers
  • Inattentive or careless operators
  • Having multiple riders on an ATV designed for a single rider
  • A child operating a vehicle the was designed for adults
  • A driver that fails to obey Tennessee laws
  • Operator under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Driving on paved roads or busy streets
  • Operators or passengers that are not wearing safety equipment
  • Malfunctioning parts or defective design

While misjudgement is often a major factor in ATV injuries, driver negligence can also play a considerable role in all-terrain-vehicle crashes.

ATV Injuries And Children

An important statistic to note is that children are involved in approximately one-third of all ATV-related deaths and emergency room-treated injuries. While the severity of these injuries can vary, many would agree that it is quite alarming that so parents of children under the age of 16 years are allowing them to ride these types of vehicles.

These injuries have been largely attributed to:

  • children not having the strength to handle many of today's high-powered vehicles
  • not enough rider awareness training
  • lack of adult supervision
  • undeveloped judgment skills

In a study recently published by the Journal Of Trauma, it was stated that there has been a staggered 150% INCREASE in child-related ATV accident injuries, with males having the highest rate of hospitalization.

Common Outdoor Locations That Contribute To Crashes

Riding in the great outdoors can be very alluring for many people. However, it is VERY important to be aware of your surroundings along with knowing the type of terrain you will be riding in.

Some common environment-related causes of ATV accidents include:

  • slippery trails
  • rocky hills (inclines and declines)
  • muddy bogs
  • driving rain
  • heavy snow
  • sand dunes

Admittedly, most all terrain vehicles are suited to using outdoors however - much like their riders, they are not indestructible. With this in mind, it is also paramount to be on a heightened sense of alert when riding with other ATV users, who may lose control of their own vehicle and crash into you.

Injuries Due to ATV Collisions

A Tennessee ATV collision can leave individuals with debilitating injuries. Some of the most common ATV-related injuries are:

The CPSC reports that between 2007 and 2010 there have been 101 fatalities caused by all-terrain vehicles in Tennessee. If you have lost a loved one in an ATV accident due to the negligence of another person or as a result of vehicle malfunction, you may be eligible to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Our injury attorneys can advise you on your legal rights.

Tennessee ATV Laws

The state of Tennessee has strict laws regarding ATV use and ownership in order to keep its residents safe. ATV owners and operators must follow the laws below:

  • The passengers and operators of three-wheeled ATVs, must wear protective head and eyewear at all times while riding in designated state park areas
  • State parks specifically ban the use of 4-wheeled-ATV's
  • Using an ATV on any highway is prohibited - except when crossing a street
  • every ATV needs to be titled and have at least one identification device on the vehicle at all times

Understandably, the Tennessee division of the DMV issues these laws in an attempt to help keep riders as safe as possible, while they are outdoors enjoying this great state.

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