Overloaded Truck Collisions

Overloaded Truck Collisions

Overloaded truck accidentsWhen a commercial vehicle is transporting vehicles or when a large truck driver is moving materials from one location or another, it is important that theyre cargo is properly secured. While securing the cargo is important, drivers should also be aware of the danger of overloading the truck.

Trucks are equipped to handle only a certain amount of weight and as are certain roadways. When a driver or freight company overloads a truck they put both the driver and motorists around them in danger.

An overloaded truck could quickly spill over, break loose, or spill their cargo which can lead to a serious truck accident. In Knox County specifically more than 600 heavy truck accidents were reported in 2008. Additionally the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) noted that over 273,000 commercial truck accidents were reported in 2011.

a truck being loaded with freightAccording to the FMCSA large trucks should not exceed more than 20,000 pounds per axle. There are approximately 700 weigh stations set up across the United States to ensure that drivers are adhering to the standards set forth by the FMCSA. Unfortunately not all drivers and carriers follow these rules which results in serious consequences.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident due to the trucks over-the-limit weight, the victim may be eligible to receive compensation for property damage, medical bills, lost wages, and more.

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Dangers of an Overloaded Truck

An overloaded truck accident is completely preventable which is why it is important that truck drivers be sure they do not exceed the weight limits set forth in certain areas. Even drivers who are simply moving items across town could overload their own large trucks with furniture, soil, and other materials.

Some of the dangers an overloaded truck posit include:

  • Overloaded cargo tends to shift to the rear making it more difficult for a truck to steer, if a driver hits a bump or curb it could cause the truck to tilt.
  • Overloaded vehicles also tend to speed up when going downhill making it much more difficult for the driver to bring the vehicle to a complete stop.
  • An overloaded truck could cause a road to collapse or cause road faults.
  • Too much weight could cause too much tire pressure and thus a blowout.
  • The center of gravity in an overloaded truck can rise which can place at a higher risk of rolling over.
  • A truck that is overloaded and going uphill can also experience trouble and if the vehicle is not equipped with enough horsepower it could cause problems.

Furthermore, the type of injuries and seriousness of a crash could also be linked to the cargo being hauled. The cargo could spill and produce further problems such as other accidents, pedestrian and bicyclist injuries, and more.

Other Causes of an Overloaded Truck Accident

Although cargo plays a key role in these accidents, several other factors could cause the accident as well.  The heavy weight could cause several problems within the truck and paired with other outside forces can quickly lead to disaster

Some other causes of an overloaded truck accident include:

  • Speeding
  • Poor Vehicle Maintenance
  • Incorrectly Secured Cargo
  • Driver Fatigue

Anyone who has been involved in a truck accident should seek medical assistance right away as sometimes the seriousness of an injury can take days to manifest.

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