Out of Gauge Cargo

Out of Gauge Cargo

Statistics provided by the Tennessee Department of Safety demonstrate that there were a total of 691 truck accidents throughout Knox County in 2008. Of these accidents, some of them included out of gauge cargo accidents.

Out of gauge cargo simply refers to an instance where the dimensions of the cargo being transported exceed the standard containers internal dimensions.  Thus, due to this large cargo being taller and wider than the standard container, it must be carried different than usual. 

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Types of Out of Gauge Cargo

Many times, out of gauge cargo is referred to as oversize cargo. Thus, at some point in every drivers life, they will encounter an oversized truck. These trucks will typically be labeled so, and often have a convoy of trucks or automobiles surrounding the vehicle.

Some types of out of gauge cargo include:

  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Concrete Construction Pipes
  • Construction Equipment
  • High Power Transformers
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Large Pipes
  • Long Goods
  • Metal Coils
  • Modular Homes

As transporting out of gauge cargo is extremely difficult, it is not uncommon for these trucks to become involved in an accident.  In addition, these accidents are typically more severe, as there is an enormous size differential between these vehicles and the typical passenger vehicle.

Out of Gauge Cargo Rules and Regulations of Transportation

The government has set both federal and state limitations in order to regulate the maximum height and weight of cargo that may be shipped.  In Tennessee, the maximum carrying capacity of a truck is 80,000 pounds, while these vehicles will also require a special permit to operate. As this is an enormous weight, there must also be a height requirement for these vehicles.

The height requirement for transporting objects is thirteen feet and six inches. However, if a company would like to transport an object over this particular height, they will be required to obtain a special permit to do so.  Of course, height requirements may vary from state to state as there may be different clearances such as traveling through tunnels and bridges.

As previously mentioned, we may see an escort vehicle traveling along with these trucks depending on the specific measurements of these vehicles.  These escort vehicles are intended to alert the truck drivers along with other motorists of this oversized vehicle.

Types of Out of Gauge Cargo Accidents

In some instances, out of gauge cargo can cause accidents due to its extreme size and abnormal shape.  These accidents may be either at fault of the truck driver, or a negligent driver failing to realize the massive decreased maneuverability of these large trucks.

Some types of out of gauge cargo accidents include:

  • Cargo shift
  • Head-on collisions
  • Insecure cargo
  • Jackknife accidents
  • Loss of cargo
  • Rear-end collisions
  • Rollovers
  • Side impact accidents
  • Under-ride accidents

Often times, when one of these accidents occurs, it will often lead to more serious injuries due to the large size differential between these vehicles and passenger vehicles.

Types of Out of Gauge Cargo Accident Injuries

To put it in perspective, injuries are usually caused by a large force, thus when an 80,000 pound over-size truck and a 3,000 pound car collide, it will typically cause severe injuries.  These injuries may cause temporary or permanent damage depending on the actual severity of the accident however can also end in psychological trauma.

Some types of out of gauge cargo accident injuries include:

If you have been injured in an out of gauge truck accident, it is imperative to seek immediate medical attention for your injuries. By seeking medical attention, it will not only ensure that all of your injuries have been attended to properly, but these medical documents can also be used by our attorneys against the negligent driver.

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