Misclassification of Employees Hurt Workers’ Compensation

Misclassification of Employees Hurt Workers Compensation

In light of the findings from the Employee Misclassification Advisory Task Force, Greg Coleman Law is urging all Tennessee construction workers to be aware that misclassification can significantly hurt a workers ability to recover losses in a workers compensation lawsuit.  Misclassification of employees can happen in any industry but is especially prevalent in the construction field.  For more information on the misclassification of construction workers or to schedule a consultation with a workers compensation attorney at Greg Coleman Law, visit /workers-compensation.html and complete the free case review form.

The task force, assembled by the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development in July 2011, was created to offer recommendations to Tennessee legislature on how to handle employee misclassification in the construction industry.  An employee can be considered misclassified for any number of reasons, including being labeled as an independent contractor or receiving off the book or cash payments.

According to the task force, about 11 to 22 percent of construction workers are considered misclassified or unreported.

Misclassification becomes especially significant when a worker becomes injured on the job.  If the employee has been misclassified, they may not be eligible for workers compensation coverage.

In typical workers compensation lawsuits, the employers insurance can be made to recover damages associated with the injury, including medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.  If the worker has been misclassified, they may be forced to cover these losses on their own.

Due to the very nature of the job, construction workers are at a much higher risk of suffering an on-the-job injury than most other industries.  The Knoxville construction accident lawyers at Greg Coleman Law have seen the devastating effects that construction accidents can have, so they are urging construction workers to know their rights.  For more information on Tennessee workers compensation lawsuits or to learn more about the legal rights which may be available to Knoxville construction workers who suffered an injury on the job, visit GregColemanLaw.com today and complete the free case evaluation form.