Loss of Limb from Car Crash Information

Loss of Limb from Car Crash Information

According from a report from the Amputee Coalition, about 2 million Americans are currently living with limb loss and about 507 people loss a limb with each passing day. Motor vehicle collisions are one of the leading causes of injuries and fatalities in the United States, as well as in the state of Tennessee. The level of severity of auto accident injuries vary for a number of reasons from size and weight of vehicles involved to the force of the impact.

When a collision occurs and the damages are severe, accident victims may suffer from a loss of limb. This is one of the most severe and life-changing injuries that an accident victim may endure. Unfortunately, when these kinds of injuries are suffered, the Tennessee driver is forced to make adjustments in everyday life. Even if a limb is not lost during the initial impact, injuries such as deep-level lacerations may lead to an eventual amputation.

Greg Coleman Law is dedicated to fighting for the rights of those Knoxville residents who have suffered injuries during a motor vehicle collision in Tennessee. With our main office located in Knox County, we are able to provide professional legal services to clients across the state. When the negligence of another driver causes harm to you or your loved ones, we believe that this negligent party must pay for the damages in which they cause.

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Knoxville Auto Accident Loss of Limb

When two large forces, such as two vehicles, collide with one another, the pending damages are typically catastrophic. Depending upon the model and make of the vehicle, a high speed accident often results in a fatality at the scene of the crash. However, when these devastating accidents occur, a loss of limb is another common aftermath. When broken glass injuries take place and the shard penetrates the skin tissue and arteries, the affected limb may need to be amputated to avoid even further damage to the body.

When broken glass is not involved, however, the most commonly seen crash that results in a loss of limb is a radical compression of passenger compartments in a vehicle. This reaction often follows accidents on the highway or other areas where the vehicles are traveling at very high speeds. Metal crushing on an accident victims body may destroy a trapped arm or leg. When this occurs, amputation may be the only option to avoid a fatality.

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Medical Steps to Take After a Severe Injury

When a serious collision occurs, the medical steps to take after are imperative to reducing further bodily damage. Sadly, thousands of amputation surgeries could have been avoided each and every year if the accident victim was cared for immediately and properly following a crash. When taken to an emergency medical care center, the victim initially undergoes surgery to remove the damage limb. The procedure may be simple or rather complicated depending upon a variety of health factors.

After the amputation, the Knoxville accident victim will begin the healing process with additional medical care. For example, amputees are often fitted for a prosthetic limb to help them get back to their typical routine. Whether the injured party chooses to get a prosthetic limb or not, extensive physical therapy will be essential in the healing process. Accidents victims will often work with a physical therapist to being to regain their ability to perform basic tasks.

The process of physical therapy for a loss of limb patient is commonly demanding, painful, and expensive. If you or a loved one has suffered a limb injury requiring amputation, you deserve monetary help to assist in medical bills, physical therapy, and any other costs associated with the collision. Greg Coleman Law offers a free, no-obligation consultation to all residents of Tennessee.

Contact an Experienced Attorney Today

Due to the ongoing nature of recovery in a loss of limb situation, accident victims in these types of crashes often find themselves in a lawsuit as they attempt to recover funds for their losses. Even when the victim has healthcare coverage, the expenses commonly exceed the covered amount. Therefore, hiring an experience, knowledgeable auto accident attorney is essential to regaining compensation for loss and getting back to normal daily life.

In addition to medical expenses, the accident victim is often forced to make adjustments in their working life. Often unable to perform job tasks that were previously involved in their job description, loss of limb patients must receive compensation for any lost wages and loss of potential gain. If you or a loved one has suffered in a serious motor vehicle collision, a personal injury lawyer for our law firm is here to help.

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