Livestock Collisions

Livestock Collisions

Soon after the civil war the Old West Cattle drive was implemented in order to transport cattle to the Northern United States. Although that type of transport is still used in some areas of the country, livestock transport trucks are now a more widely used mode of transport.

The transport of animals for the production of food, fiber, and/or labor is something that has brought animals into areas where they may have never gone before. Livestock trucks are frequently seen on various roads and unfortunately they are just one more type of truck that a collision could happen with.

According to the Tennessee Department of Transportation nearly 700 medium/large truck accidents were recorded in Knox County in 2008. Overall there were more than 8,600 truck accidents throughout the entire state.

Although there are specific rules and regulations set forth for livestock trucking, their transport is just as dangerous as that of any cargo being hauled. If you or a loved one has been involved injured in a livestock truck accident, the victim may be entitled to compensation for property damage, medical bills, lost wages, and more.

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Types of Livestock Trailers

The United States Department of Agriculture produces trucking guidelines to assist with the safe transport of live animals. Due to the type of cargo being transported, the type of trailers can vary as can the type of truck the trailer is hitched onto.

Some types of livestock trailers include:

Horse Trailers Between 8 and 14 feet long and 6 to 7 feet high these trailers are designed to carry heavy livestock such as pigs and horses. These trailers usually weigh 7,700 pounds and have the capacity to haul nearly 5,000 pounds.

Aluminum Trailers These trailers provide a few more outlets for animals to be let out safely during emergencies. They also have lights wrapping around the trailer which makes them easier to see at night. All types of animals may be transported in this type of livestock trailer as it is usually size adjustable.  

Stock Trailers These trailers are designed for rough terrain traveling can be used to haul various types of livestock and come in various sizes.

Pup Trailer Short semi-trailer usually less than 32 feet long with a single axle.

Possum Belly Trailer Between 46 and 53 feet long, this trailer can be organized to have multiple decks which can make transporting different types of livestock easier.

Gooseneck Trailer Usually attached to a large truck with the aid of a gooseneck hitching mechanism the size of these trailers varies and the name is usually indicative of simply the gooseneck hitch.

The Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations also has specific guidelines for the transport of livestock including recommendations on the type of crates used to transport chickens or other fowl, proper ventilation, suitable floor spacing for each type of animal, and more.

Causes of Livestock Accidents

According to the FAO the transport of live animals should be as direct as possible without any stopping. Animals that are caged in too long may fight amongst each other and others often require feed and water during a long journey. Once all animals are loaded into the vehicle the time crunch begins as drivers have deadlines to meet as well as ensure the health and safety of their cargo.

Some common causes of livestock collisions include:

Improper vehicle maintenance could lead to a number of problems including a vehicle breaking down which then poses a threat to the health of the animals being transported. Tire wear and tear could also lead to a tire blowout and possibly an accident. Just as with all commercial motor vehicles proper vehicle maintenance is of the utmost importance.

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Truck accidents can be very dangerous as oftentimes the trailers weight thousands of pounds more than an average size vehicle not to mention the many types of cargo it could be carrying. If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident involving a livestock trailer, the victim may be entitled to compensation for property damage, personal injuries, and more.

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