Broken Glass Injury Claims in TN

Broken Glass Injuries

Each year, thousands of auto accidents occur in Tennessee. Many of these crashes result in property damage and injuries. When two vehicles are involved in a collision, one of the most common types of property damage is broken glass.

Broken glass from a motor vehicle accident can pose serious danger to vehicle occupants as well as pedestrian and bicyclists that are in close proximity. When glass is flying through the air, it has a potential to cause severe an incapacitating injuries.

If you or a loved one has sustained a broken glass injury in an auto accident, you may have legal and financial recourse. Contact a Knoxville auto accident attorney today to explore your legal options.

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Common Broken Glass Injuries

Even when two vehicles are traveling at slow speeds, the impact of a vehicle crash can cause glass to shatter throughout the vehicles. Although, many newer model vehicles have windshields that are made of shatter-proof glass, their side windows are still prone to breaking in a collision. If the force of the crash is strong enough, even a windshield with shatter-proof glass can break.

Most auto manufacturers do not design their vehicles side and rear windows to withstand a motor vehicle crash, therefore, shards of glass can fly in multiple directions during an auto accident.  Vehicle occupants are defenseless against broken glass injuries. While most broken glass injuries are treatable, they often cause accident victims extreme pain. Listed below are some common broken glass injuries:

Deep-Level Lacerations

A vehicle occupant can sustain a deep-level laceration when a piece of glass, penetrates the skin. When a cut penetrates the skin and damages the underlying tissue and muscle fiber, this is considered a deep-level laceration. These types of lacerations require immediate medical attention to prevent serious complications.

Surface-Level Wounds

A surface level laceration only affects the skin and does not penetrate the underlying tissue. Typically, these injuries are treated by cleaning the wound and applying a bandage. In some cases, stitches may be necessary to stop the bleeding.


An auto accident can leave a passenger occupant with psychological trauma. Some accident victims may go into shock after witnessing a horrific crash scene.

Severed Limbs

Occasionally, the broken glass from an accident is large enough to penetrate an occupants body, resulting in the individuals limb being severed. In other cases, the glass can cause an artery to be severed, causing the victim to have their limb amputated.

Bleeding to Death

When a shard of glass strikes a main artery, the injury victim is at risk of bleeding to death if the injury is not treated in a timely manner.

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