Knoxville Auto Accident Statistics

Knoxville Auto Accident Statistics

Auto Accident Statistics Lawyer for Knoxville TN

According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, motor vehicle accidents are the worlds leading cause of death for people ages 15 to 29. Each year, approximately 1.3 million people are killed due to traffic collisions, in addition to about 20 to 30 million people who suffer from serious injuries. Those auto accident statistics alone indicate an unquestionable cause for concern across the globe.

At some point in their life, two out of every three drivers will be involved in some sort of traffic accident in the United States. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recorded 30,196 motor vehicle traffic crash fatalities in 2010, this equates to about 1.11 fatalities per 100 million miles traveled.

While fatal collisions have decreased in the last year, Tennessee residents are still largely vulnerable to the dangerous roads and highways on the highly trafficked streets of Knoxville. Tennessee drivers must always maintain a heightened awareness while operating a vehicle. With that in mind, Greg Coleman Law has collected a number of Knoxville auto accident statistics to help put the current state of driving into perspective.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a traffic collision, Greg Coleman Law is dedicated in our pursuit of justice for you. We pride ourselves on the experience, compassion, and excellence in litigation that we provide for our clients.

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Tennessee Quick Facts

Tennessee is a state rich with history, culture, and a recognizable sense of pride. Tourism is one of Tennessee's three major industries, denoting a consistent flow of travel in and out of the state. While tourism is great for the economy, this causes traffic increases, which escalates the likelihood for a collision.

Before we jump into the Knoxville auto accident statistics, here are some quick facts about Tennessee:

  • The 17th most populous state in the country

  • The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the country's most visited park

  • Interstate 40 is the largest highway

  • Metropolitan Nashville is amongst the fastest growing regions in the country

  • The population totals 6,403,353

The populous state of Tennessee offers wonderful means of transportation throughout each city. Traveling on these roads, however, can be dangerous if the motorist is not aware of traffic red flags. Greg Coleman Law believes that a driver with a solid education about the potential threats on the road is placed in the best position to avoid a crash.

National Traffic Crash Statistics

By 2020, the CDC predicts that traffic collisions will shift to the third most severe threat to global human health. Across the nation, trends have pointed to decreases in the number of traffic fatalities as well as traffic-related injuries. Vehicle safety advocates point to the upsurge in accessible information as a contributing factor to the reduction in motor vehicle collisions.

Below is a collection of some powerful national traffic crash statistics:

  • 32,885 people were killed due to a car accident in 2010

  • Serious accident-related deaths and injuries can be reduced by 50 percent with the use of a seat belt

  • Of all traffic collisions in 2010, over 95 percent of the 9.6 million automobiles consisted of passenger cars or light trucks

  • More than 30,000 people in the U.S. are killed in traffic crashes each year

  • Auto accidents cost the U.S. $99 billion each year in medical treatment and efficiency losses

  • Fires occurred in 2.8 percent of the vehicles involved in fatal collisions

The above statistics put the national state of motor vehicle accidents into perspective. As a whole, the United States has made significant strides to reduce the number of crashes each year. As more and more information is readily available, drivers will be able to better avoid a potential crash.

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Knoxville Auto Accident Statistics

In the United States, 2.24 million people were injured in a car crash in 2010. In Knoxville, Tennessee the traffic collision numbers paint a picture for the current state of driving. Greg Coleman Law strongly believes in the education of Tennessee residents to limit the number of traffic-related injuries and fatalities in Knoxville and across the state.

Some of the most eye-opening Knoxville auto accident statistics are:

  • There were 39 more traffic fatalities in 2011 than in 2010

  • A total of 728 deaths occurred due to auto collisions in 2011

  • The number of teen drivers involved in crashes has declined in the last year

  • Tennessee saw a total of 1,031 fatalities due to motor vehicle collisions

  • In 2011, 115 motorcyclists died in a crash

  • There were over 8,000 vehicle accidents in Knoxville in 2011

Maintaining a grasp on Knoxville auto accident statistics will keep the importance of safe driving in any motorists mind. With a solid knowledge of the current state of motor vehicle crashes, Tennessee residents become defensive drivers, ready to handle the dangers on the roads.

The Knoxville personal injury lawyers at Greg Coleman Law believe that those responsible for the injuries of another must be held liable. We combine our knowledge and resources to guide you through each step of the legal process. If you or a loved one has suffered in an auto collision, a Tennessee auto accident attorney is here to help.

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