Tennessee Auto Accident Fatality Statistics

Knoxville Auto Accident Fatalities

According to the Tennessee Department of Safety, there were a total of 106 auto accident fatalities in Knoxville throughout 2012, while there were a total of 1,014 total auto accident fatalities across the state.

With Knoxville Metropolitan Statistical Area having a population of 848,350 it is no wonder why there are a great number of auto accident fatalities throughout Knoxville each year.  While law enforcement officials continue to battle against negligent drivers, the fatality rate has remained relatively consistent throughout the years.

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Tennessee Auto Accident Fatalities

As responsible members of this community and as an attempt to assist in reducing the total amount of auto accident fatalities each year, our attorneys have gathered a list of the total number of auto accident fatalities each year beginning in 1950. The list is as follows:

Year Traffic Fatalities


1960 787
1970 1,377
1975 1,162
1980 1,171
1981 1,119


1983 1,046
1984 1,111
1985 1,101
1986 1,230
1987 1,247
1988 1,266
1989 1,088
1990 1,177
1991 1,113
1992 1,153
1993 1,170
1994 1,214
1995 1,259
1996 1,239
1997 1,225
1998 1,216
1999 1,302
2000 1,307
2001 1,251
2002 1,177
2003 1,193
2004 1,339
2005 1,270
2006 1,284
2007 1,211
2008 1,043
2009 986
2010 1,032
2011 937
2012 1,014


It seems as though the number of fatalities is gradually reducing in recent years, and seems to be on course to reduce further in 2013, however only time will tell.

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