Hydroplaning Accidents

Hydroplaning Accidents

A blue motor vehicle skidding across a water covered roadWeather conditions are an important factor in car collisions. Adverse weather conditions will likely heighten your chances of being involved in a car accident, especially if the roads are wet.

Hydroplaning is a common occurrence when roads are slick from rain or water has puddled along driving lanes. According to the United States Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration on average 24% of car crashes are weather-related. Wet pavement and rain caused the largest percentage of weather-related incidents.

If you or someone you know has been involved in an auto accident caused by hydroplaning, the victim may be eligible for compensation which might include lost wages, property damage, medical expenses, and more.

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How Does Hydroplaning Work?

Hydroplaning occurs when the car tire moves over a wet surface but cannot obtain traction. Water in the tires cannot be pushed away quickly enough and the water pressure will cause the car to lift up and skid on a thin layer of water between your tires and the road.  

Hydroplaning is especially dangerous within the first few minutes of a rain shower or storm. When the water mixes with oil from the road the conditions can make it much easier for a driver to lose control of their car.

Other Causes of Hydroplaning

Although rain and slick roads are a main cause of hydroplaning, other variables may lead to this dangerous situation.


If your tires are in poor condition and have a lot of wear and tear youre more likely to hydroplane in adverse weather conditions. If your tire pressure is also incorrect it may cause the tire thread to not function as it should and push the water away from the surface.


Speeding can be the cause for many types of auto accidents, including hydroplaning. A driver is more likely to lose control of their car if they are driving at high speeds.

Water Drainage

Improper water drainage on certain roads can cause water to build up and create pools that can cause cars to hydroplane.

How to Handle Your Car if You Begin to Hydroplane

Hydroplaning is a situation that can be difficult to handle as it happens, as well as after - when your nerves are wracked from the event. If you find yourself in a hydroplaning situation, whether you are a driver or passenger, youll want to know what to do to protect yourself.

  • Stay calm and control the situation
  • Do not slam on your brakes or jerk the wheel
  • Slowly take your foot of the gas pedal and gently steer your car to a safe zone and away from other motorists
  • Once your car has slowed gently use the brakes only if necessary

You may want to pull off to a shoulder or into a nearby parking lot to calm your nerves and check for any damage to your vehicle.

Common Auto Accident Injuries

If you lose control of your car it is possible you may sustain some injuries, especially if your car hits another vehicle or a median.While trying to gain control of your vehicle you might endure:

Regardless of the way you feel after a wreck, you should always get checked out by a doctor. There are several types of injuries that may not present symptoms until hours, days or even weeks after a collision. Refusing medical treatment not only puts your health at risk, it is a surefire way to limit the damages that may be available to you, should you pursue legal recourse.

How to Prevent Hydroplaning

There are several ways to prevent a difficult driving situation and many times it is up to you, the driver, to ensure your own safety.

  • Slow down. Slower speeds in the rain can help reduce your chances of hydroplaning.
  • Watch for puddles. If your local area is prone to pools of water consider contacting the city to get blocked drainage repaired or get better drainage systems installed.
  • Be alert. Other drivers may be able to warn you if youre headed toward a puddle or danger zone.
  • Check your tires. Make sure that your tire tread is not worn and that the tire pressure is suitable for the make and model of your tires.

Vehicle maintenance is one controllable way you can prevent accidents, even in the worst weather conditions. Making sure your automobile is in shape to handle the road in any condition can reduce the risk for preventable accidents.

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