FedEx Vehicle Collision

FedEx Vehicle Collision

FedEx plays an incredibly important role for individual consumers and all kinds of businesses in the United States today. The majority of Tennessee residents have become very familiar with the processes of using FedEx to send and receive important packages, certified documents, and all kinds of different valuable belongings. Today, FedEx covers over 220 countries and territories, delivering packages all across the world. Consumers today expect FedEx to operate flawlessly in terms of package delivery and safety of operations.

As such a large organization, FedEx must employ a wide range of people, facilities, trucks, aircrafts, and technologies in order to accurately ship documents and materials. Utilizing the combination of these units, FedEx is able to ship to 220 countries and territories with efficiency and precision. Because of FedExs involvement with such a range of people and functions, they must maintain strict health and safety standards, as millions of people depend on them each and every day.

Each day, FedEx delivers about seven million packages on average. These types of production numbers highlight the massive organization of the delivery company, but also on the serious pressure that they are under to perform well. FedEx employs over 75,000 drivers to move packages, properly handle equipment and technology, and travel across the roadways safely. Unfortunately, the likelihood of a FedEx truck accident increases as more traffic and drivers enter the roads.

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FedEx Truck Accident Information

FedEx is responsible for the safety of their employees, others on the roads in which they travel, and the condition of the packages and documents that they deliver each day. As the company takes every precaution possible to ensure this safety, they must adhere to a strict set of internal regulations, in addition to complying with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrations (FMCSA) set of federal laws. From driver eligibility, permits, plates, and insurance to equipment, proper packaging, and every element in between, the company must do everything that they can to avoid a FedEx truck accident.

Each and every FedEx truck driver must abide by the following requirements:

  • No more than one moving violation in the last year
  • No moving violations over the last 3 years
  • Maintains open access to and from Canada
  • Has passed the Department of Transportation (DOT) drug test and physical test
  • Has an appropriate class CDL with HAZMAT endorsement

The FedEx Custom Critical department is held responsible for the oversight and protection of the above requirements and qualifications. Beyond these listed requirements, all FedEx owner operators are required to carry work accident insurance at all times. Sadly, even with all of these safety measures there are certainly a significant number of collisions involving FedEx trucks. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in a FedEx crash, Greg Coleman Law is here for you.

National Truck Driving Championship

Often referred to as the Super Bowl of Safety, the National Truck Driving Championship is run by the American Trucking Association. The program was established in 2003 in the hopes to raise awareness, increase safety, and promote friendly competition for truck drivers to maintain an accident-free record. FedEx has been participating in these competitions since the beginning of the program. In fact, many FedEx truck drivers have been recognized and awarded for their excellent driving record.

Those truckers who have been accident-free for at least a year are eligible to participate. Beginning at the state level and continuing to a national level, this is a great opportunity for truckers to showcase their safe driving abilities.

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