Tire Blowouts & Damages Claims

Tire Blowouts

The blowout or the instantaneous deflation of a car tire often has devastating results, and it occurs more often than many would believe. According to a recent report by Michelin, it is estimated that more than 500 fatalities and about 23,000 accidents every year are caused by tire blowouts across the nation.

Although Tennessee drivers can often log thousands of miles without so much as an air leak, tire blowouts can and do occur quite often. The sudden failure of a tire can often result in the loss of control of a vehicle and could possibly cause the car to either rollover or collide with other vehicles sharing the road.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury in an accident caused by a tire blowout, you may be able to file a claim to seek the compensation of your losses. You may be able to recover losses for current and future medical bills, property damage, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages incurred in the crash.

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Causes of Tire Blowouts

Problems with tires can pose a serious risk to Tennessee drivers. While most vehicle owners often make sure that they change their oil often, very few spend much time maintaining their tires.

A tire blowout can often be caused by user error. Some of the most common causes of tire blowouts include:

  • Using a tire beyond its rated life
  • Hitting a curb
  • Low pressure
  • Punctures

Sudden deflation can be caused through defects in design or manufacturer errors. If one of these causes resulted in a crash in which you sustained injuries or property damage, we encourage you to seek legal counsel right away.

Tennessee has a strict statute of limitations for filing an injury claim, and failing to do so within a reasonable amount of time could significantly hinder your ability to recover fair compensation for any damages from the accident.

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Tire Tread Separation

The separation of a tires tread can be linked to any number of defects or errors in the manufacturing process. Regardless of the cause, tire tread separation can result in serious injuries from a blowout accident. Tragically, when a tire suddenly de-treads under high speed, the results are often fatal.

The most common reason for tire tread separation is the failure of metal belt material to bond with rubber in the tire. The metal is typically plated with brass which is then bonded with a rubber compound containing sulfur. If the chemical composition of the sulfur and other materials is not optimum, or if the brass coating oxides, the components will not completely adhere.

Other errors in the tread bonding process can result in separation, too. These errors include:

  • Improperly sized parts
  • Sub-optimal temperatures
  • The use of outdated bonding ingredients
  • Materials contaminated with rust, moisture, oxidation, grease or sawdust

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