Coleman Helping Those Denied Social Security

Coleman Helping Those Denied Social Security

The Social Security Disability lawyers at Greg Coleman Law are available to assist Tennessee residents with their benefits claims. Numerous Tennessee residents are unable to work due to debilitating injuries or illnesses.  Under the Social Security Act, these individuals have the legal right to receive Social Security Disability payments. Sadly, many applicants are denied Social Security benefits the first time they apply. To learn more about Social Security Disability claims, visit

Tennessee residents who have been denied Social Security Disability benefits should hire an experienced Social Security Disability attorney to help them with their appeal or the reconsideration process. The appeal process can be complex and tedious for individuals to navigate by themselves. An attorney who is well-versed in how the system works can improve an applicants chance of getting their appeal approved.

If you or a loved one has had your Social Security Disability claim denied, contact the attorneys at Greg Coleman Law to guide you through the appeal process. Greg Coleman Law has the knowledge and resources to successfully handle Social Security Disability appeals. To learn more about Social Security benefits, visit