Fluidmaster Class Action Lawsuit
pipe burst greg colemen

pipe burst greg colemen

Greg Coleman Law. The Tennessee-based nationwide class action law firm has filed a putative class action lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania (Court). The law firm has extensive experience helping homeowners assert their rights.

Fluidmaster Inc., is a California-based company that produces a line of steel pipes and supply lines used in homes and businesses across the country

Fluidmaster NO-BURST Steel Pipes are Defective

Greg Coleman Law filed a lawsuit precisely because Fluidmasters products have caused extensive damage in the homes of innocent homeowners. When the steel pipes and supply lines explode they cause severe flooding damage in the homes of people.

The braided steel pipes are defective on grounds. The complaint filed by Greg Coleman Law on behalf of homeowners who have purchased Fluidmaster steel supply lines details that they are built using an inferior grade of stainless steel that is susceptible to corrosion from everyday household cleaners. Additionally, the complaint alleges that the very rubber tubing used in the stainless steel braided supply lines that is supposed to protect the lines from corrosion

What Kind of Damage Do the Pipes Cause?

Fluidmasters widely available steel pipes are used to transport water from pipes to household items such as faucets, toilets, and dishwashers. As such, when the steel supply lines rupture, they cause extensive flooding damage in homes and businesses where they are installed.

For example, the plaintiffs in the case suffered damage to a wide variety of household areas, including:

  • Structural damage in the walls and floors where the damage occurred
  • Electronics and other household goods damaged by water
  • Carpet damage
  • Damaged electrical systems and wires

Anyone who lives in a home where Fluidmaster supply lines are installed is at a constant risk for water damage in their home. Stay informed by periodically reviewing Greg Coleman Law's Fluidmaster news feed reviewing the latest developments in Fluidmaster class action lawsuits. 

How Do I Join the Fluidmaster Lawsuit?

You can join the Fluidmaster lawsuit by calling (865) 247-0080 and discussing your case with the law firm.