Actos Attorneys Explain What You Need To Know About Actos

Actos and Bladder Cancer
Actos linked to bladder cancer

Actos linked to bladder cancer

Patients who have Type II diabetes are already battling a dangerous chronic condition. Diabetes affects the lives of millions of Americans and changes how they interact with their world.

Actos, one of the most popular diabetes medications on the market, has been proven to increase the risk that a patient will develop bladder cancer.

This can be devastating news for patients already struggling with diabetes. Takeda Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of Actos, is now attempting to compensate the victims of the drug.

Attorneys at Greg Coleman Law are helping injured patients assert their legal rights. The company is offering more than $2 billion to resolve many claims regarding the cancer risks.

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Adverse Side-Effects from Actos

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New research suggests that there is a link between Actos and bladder cancer.  After analysis of five-years worth of data at the interim of a ten-year long study, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is informing the public that individuals who have used Actos for over a year are 40 percent more likely to develop bladder cancer.

Similar studies have been conducted in France with similar results.  Due to the increased risk of bladder cancer with Actos use, France has suspended all use of pioglitazone, the active ingredient in Actos. Following suit, Germany has recommended to not start pioglitazone in new patients.

If you have been using Actos and experience any of the following symptoms, contact a pharmaceutical injury attorney to see if you have a possible Actos lawsuit:

  • Blood in urine
  • Back or lower abdominal pain
  • Urgent need to urinate
  • Pain during urination

The Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, failed to warn patients of the risk in taking this medication. The FDA has since enforced the addition of a Black Box warning label informing consumers of the potential risk involved in taking Actos.

Actos Prescriptions

Actos is prescribed to patients who have been diagnosed with Type II diabetes. It is an oral diabetes medication that is supposed to treat blood sugar levels.

The drug works by disposing of excess blood sugar and making the body's cells more sensitive to insulin. The drug can be prescribed alone to treat Type II diabetes or in combination with other diabetes medications such as metformin.

The drug can make heart disease conditions worse, so patients with heart disease should not take the medication. The drug was approved for use by the FDA in 1999, but it wasn't until 2011 that the drug's dangers began to come to light.

Actos Lawsuits 

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Takeda is still insisting that the drug does not cause bladder cancer. However, juries have found that the company is in fact liable for causing bladder cancer in patients. More than 8,000 cases have been filed in state and federal courts across the United States. 

After a deluge of Actos lawsuits, Takeda has offered to settle the cases for more than $2.2 billion. When all of the cases are settled, this will be among the largest dangerous drug settlements in the history of the United States. More than 8,000 lawsuits have been filed in federal and state courts across America. 

Contact a Tennessee Actos Attorney

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At Greg Coleman Law, we believe the makers and manufacturers of dangerous drugs such as Actos should be held accountable when someone is put at risk by their products.  If you or a loved one has been harmed by the use of Actos, you need to explore your legal options.

The dangerous drug attorneys at Greg Coleman Law have been filing lawsuits on behalf of Actos patients, alleging that the popular diabetes medication is linked to an increased risk of bladder cancer. The Actos lawyers are seeking Type II diabetes patients who were prescribed Actos to help control their insulin levels and were later diagnosed with bladder cancer. 

With the help of a dangerous drug lawyer, victims may be able to file an Actos lawsuit to recover losses associated with their diagnosis, including medical bills, pain and mental anguish. 

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