Byetta Attorneys Looking for Individuals with Kidney Failure

Byetta Attorneys Looking for Individuals with Kidney Failure

The Knoxville Byetta attorneys at Greg Coleman Law are looking for diabetics who were prescribed Byetta and were later diagnosed with pancreatitis or kidney failure after taking the drug.  The dangerous drug lawyers at Greg Coleman Law are available to evaluate Byetta kidney failure and pancreatitis claims at no cost to help those affected determine if they have cause for a Byetta lawsuit.  With a Knoxville Byetta attorney by your side, a patient may be eligible to receive compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain, suffering and any other damages associated with the dangerous drug.  For more information on Byetta lawsuits, visit /byetta.html today.

Byetta works by stimulating the pancreas to secrete insulin when blood sugars are high in adults with Type 2 diabetes.  The FDA issued a report in 2007 stating that at least 30 patients who used Byetta had developed acute pancreatitis, an often life-threatening illness.  After six hospitalizations and two Byetta pancreatitis wrongful deaths, the FDA enforced stronger warning labels on the drug.  Two years later, the FDA issued a public warning that Byetta users were at a high risk of altered kidney function and kidney failure.

If you or a loved one has taken Byetta and has suffered from kidney failure or pancreatitis, it is important to speak to a Knoxville Byetta attorney as soon as possible.  There is often a statute of limitations for filing a dangerous drug injury claim and failing to file a Byetta lawsuit within this time-frame may prevent a victim from seeking compensation.  To learn more about Byetta injury lawsuits, visit today.  The Knoxville Byetta attorneys at Greg Coleman Law are dedicated to fighting for the justice of all those who have suffered injury due to dangerous drugs.  Contact Greg Coleman Law for a free and confidential Byetta injury consultation.