Workplace Deaths in Tennessee Increased in First Seven Months of 2016

fast ambulanceAccording to the Tennessee Occupational Safety and Health Administration (TOSHA), there have been 22 work-related fatalities in the first seven months of 2016, including 10 in July alone.

If fatalities continue to occur at this pace, there could be a 36 percent rise in deadly accidents compared to 2014.  

Nearly half of this year's 22 workplace fatalities happened at construction sites. In 2015, just eight percent of fatal workplace injuries happened in construction, with the majority occurring in manufacturing.

The most common accidents contributing to workplace deaths in 2015 were falls or being hit by an object.

Steve Hawkins, Administrator of TOSHA, is imploring companies and employees to commit to a safer workplace environment in light of the jump in fatalities. He urges employers to go over their injury prevention programs and health and safety protocols with their workers.

Here are five steps employees and employers can take to prevent on-site illness and injury:

  • Commit to working as a team with front-line workers to encourage a healthy and happy place of work.
  • Conduct safety meetings to foster dialogue about discerning and fixing workplace dangers.
  • Focus attention on vulnerable workers who do not speak English as a first language.
  • Work together to create a health and safety program.
  • Encourage the reporting of all injuries caused by workplace hazards, including minor injuries. Hazards that caused minor injuries can cause serious injuries if they are not fixed.

By working together, employers and employees may be able to minimize workplace accidents, making worksites safer and healthier environments for everyone.

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