Why is My Workers’ Comp Claim Being Delayed?

worker on factory floor using computer near machineDelays with workers’ compensation claims can add significant financial stress as medical expenses and other bills continue to go unpaid. While some delays are valid, other times employers or insurance companies are simply dragging their feet.

If there have been delays with your workers’ compensation claim, the reputable attorneys at Greg Coleman Law are available to determine how we may be able to help. Our firm has obtained hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation. We offer a Free Case Evaluation to learn whether you may qualify for benefits and there is no obligation to hire our attorneys for legal representation.

Where Delays Often Occur

You have up to 15 days to report your injury to your employer. However, it is important not to report the injury right away – the sooner you report the injury, the sooner you may receive benefits.

However, there may be processing delays after you notify your employer about your claim. Once you notify your employer, they are required to notify their workers’ compensation insurance company. If your employer neglects to do that, it might delay your claim by days or weeks.

The insurance company may also be understaffed and overworked, so it takes them longer to get to your claim. Clerical errors or lack of training may also cause delays with the insurance company.

The insurance company may request more time to investigate the claim. Sometimes insurance companies ask for more time because there are errors with paperwork. Maybe you or your employer did not submit certain paperwork.  

The insurance company may request more time if it disputes the cause of your injury or whether it is related to your job. These disputes are common when employees file a claim over an occupational disease or aggravation a preexisting injury.

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell where the delays are occurring. That is why it is a good idea to follow up if you think there is a delay. They may take you more seriously if you are represented by an experienced Knoxville workers’ compensation lawyer with a successful track record.  

How Long Should It Take? 

You should receive a notification of the decision within 15 days of filing your workers’ comp claim. If your claim was denied and you file an appeal, it could take several weeks or months to overturn a denied claim.    

What You Can Do if Your Claim is Delayed

Employers and insurers are legally obligated to respond to your workers’ comp claim within a reasonable amount of time.   

If you are having issues with your claim, you can take part in the mediation program offered by the Tennessee Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. This is a three-step process to help resolve disputes between injured workers and employers or insurers.

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Employees who were injured while working may be eligible for workers’ compensation. Consulting a licensed attorney for a no-cost consultation can be an important step.

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