Will My Car Insurance Cover a Crash Due to a Tire Blowout?

close-up photo of a blown-out tire on a carA car crash caused by a tire blowout is an unexpected and terrifying experience for most people. After the shock of the accident wears off, drivers may wonder if the insurance company will pay for any of the damages. However, whether your car insurance covers you after a crash that happens due to a tire blowout depends on many factors.

Our Knoxville-based car accident attorneys at Greg Coleman Law are here to help after a crash, including those caused by a tire blowout. While you may not realize it, there are other parties who could be liable for your damages, even if no other vehicles were involved.

How Do Tire Blowouts Commonly Occur?

There is no singular reason as to why tire blowouts occur. However, the most common reasons they may happen is because of:

  • Underinflated tires: Low tire pressure is often due to a lack of maintenance, sudden onset of cold weather, or a slow leak. This is why it is important to check your tire pressure often to make sure it is filled to the manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Worn down treads: Tires do not last forever, which is why they must be routinely inspected and maintained.
  • Uneven tread: Periodically rotating tires, generally done during regular maintenance, helps to prevent uneven wear.
  • Overloading the vehicle: Overloading your vehicle can damage tires by putting too much weight and stress on them.
  • Punctures: Nails and other road debris can puncture a tire and lead to a blowout if the damage is not soon repaired.
  • Defective or old tires: Worn or defective tires should be immediately replaced to avoid having a blowout.

Liability and Your Insurance Company

If a tire blowout leads to a crash, it can be challenging to determine the cause. Sometimes there may be a couple of reasons, such as if the tire was already worn and underinflated and then your vehicle hit a road hazard.

When it comes to liability, there may be multiple parties responsible for the damage after a tire blowout, including:

  • The vehicle owner: It is the driver/registered owner's responsibility to maintain his or her vehicle for safe operation. This includes regularly rotating tires, checking they are correctly inflated and that tire treads are not unsafely or unevenly worn. If a tire blowout is due to poor maintenance and the blowout leads to a crash, the owner could be held liable for the resulting damages.
  • Tire manufacturer: If the tire was defective, the manufacturer may be liable for damages resulting from the crash.
  • Another driver: If another vehicle dropped cargo and it caused a tire puncture, then you may have a valid claim against that driver.
  • Government entity: Sometimes blowouts are caused by a hazardous road condition due to negligent repairs and poor road maintenance. Often this could involve a claim against a government entity. 

If you carry comprehensive collision, your insurer may cover any vehicle damage if the tire blowout causes a crash. However, the insurance company may not cover the tire blowout. To find out for sure, it is a good idea to review the terms of your auto insurance prior to renewing it to make sure you know what is or is not covered under your policy. If the tire is not covered by your policy, but it is covered under a warranty, you may be able to get a replacement from the manufacturer.

Do Tire Blowouts Always Lead to a Crash?

Not necessarily. Often drivers may be able to avoid causing a crash if they know how to respond. The best way to handle a sudden tire blowout is to:

  • Keep both hands firmly on the wheel as the car will suddenly pull toward the side of the blown tire
  • NOT slam on your brakes as this could cause your vehicle to lock up and make you more likely to crash
  • Slightly accelerate and keep steering as straight as you can
  • Gradually slow down by easing up on the accelerator
  • Turn your emergency/hazard lights on
  • Steer, when safe, toward the lane on your right until you can pull over to the side of the road

Need Help After a Crash Caused by a Tire Blowout?

If so, we strongly recommend that you discuss the situation with a knowledgeable attorney to find out if you may have a valid claim and who may be liable.

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