When Turkeys Attack!

Although Thanksgiving is a time of year when families get together, it is also the time of year when turkeys attack. Not everyone heads to their local supermarket to pick up a butterball or already de-feathered turkey, some people wait for Thanksgiving week to get their bird ready.

In Tennessee fall turkey hunting season generally ends in late October it is important to know that as wild turkeys continue to roam the area, and possibly be persuaded into the area, know that these animals can and will attack.

According to Medicare rules there are nine billing codes for turkey injuries including being struck by or pecked by a turkey. In some cases coding will be used to determine if a person suffered subsequent encounters and negative side effects such as anxiety from the attack.

As noted in the video turkeys will even attack vehicles; in 2013 a Kansas man suffered minor injuries after a turkey flew into his windshield. The driver sustained minor cuts and eye injuries.

Even if you have your turkey ready and do not have to worry about turkey attacks, there are some safety tips in mind if you plan on deep frying your turkey.

  • Do not overfill your pot with oil. If you just recently bought the pot an owners manual should inform you what level the oil should be at.
  • Never drop a frozen or partially thawed turkey into the oil. A completely thawed turkey should be lowered slowly into the pot to prevent the oil from splashing.
  • Turkey fryers should be placed away from the home. The smallest fire can engulf decks and their flammable structures of the home.
  • Do not leave your fire unattended, all good chefs have a sous chef so be sure you find one for the big day.
  • Make sure your fryer is situated on even ground. As most turkey fryers are top-heavy, unable ground can cause them to tip over leading to serious burn injuries and even a fire.

Cooks who do not plan on frying their bird should also keep in mind that cooking fires double on Thanksgiving Day and are the number one cause of home fires and home injuries. Make sure your fire alarms batteries have been changed and keep a fire extinguisher within reach just in case!

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