What Happens to My Personal Injury Case When I Reach MMI?

patient with doctorThe timeline of a personal injury case can often seem complicated. When it comes to reaching your maximum medical improvement, some may think the legal process is done when you reach that stage. However, there is still more that must happen before the case is resolved.

At Greg Coleman Law, we work hard to recover maximum compensation for injuries caused by a negligent party. Waiting until you reach maximum medical improvement (MMI) plays a big role in that effort. If you accept a settlement offer before then, you are likely to get far less than your claim is worth.

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Why is Reaching MMI Important to My Claim?

It is only after your treating doctor determines you have reached your MMI that your attorney can begin to calculate the full value of your claim. This is an important step in your personal injury recovery process, because determining the value of your claim includes a lot more than the costs of your initial medical care. In fact, reaching MMI is just the starting point.

An experienced attorney knows that, in addition to the costs of your medical care, which may include diagnostic testing, surgeries, physical therapy and other costs that are all part of your economic damages, there are also non-economic damages to consider, such as:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of companionship
  • Disfigurement
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Your attorney will also gather information from your treating physician and other medical experts regarding any permanent physical impairments. These impairments are given a rating, such as if a doctor determines you will never fully regain the use of an arm or walk without a limp.

Future conditions are also included in the value of your claim. For example, what happens if your physical ability worsens over time, such as if you have an injured joint that develops arthritis?

Waiting to Reach Your MMI May Benefit Your Claim

Without taking all these elements under consideration, the insurance company would likely offer a low settlement amount. While it may seem tempting to accept what seems like a lot of money in a lump sum, the insurance company is not taking any contributing factors or long-term medical conditions you may suffer under consideration. This could cause you to end with a low settlement, leaving you to pay thousands of dollars for future medical care out of your own pocket.

Will My Claim Settle After Reaching MMI?

Once your attorney has determined the full value of your claim, he or she will begin the process of trying to reach a settlement agreement. This negotiation process starts when your attorney sends the other party’s attorney a demand letter. Your attorney will include the settlement amount being requested, the reasons for this amount, and documentation that supports this request.

The insurance company is not likely to accept the first offer. In fact, this part of your personal injury case could take weeks to months.  

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