Wage Increase Laws Passed in Five States

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During these mid-term elections, voters in five states voted on November 4th to increase the mandatory minimum wage. There has been significant support for changing compensation policies that affect American families. 

There is a growing number of states that has increased their minimum wage beyond the $7.25 set by the federal government. More than 23 states have minimum wage requirements that exceed the federal minimum wage.

The minimum wages approved by citizens are as follows:

  1. Alaska: $9.75/hr
  2. Arkansas: $8.50/hr
  3. Illinois: $10/hr (non-binding vote)
  4. South Dakota: $9/hr
  5. Nebraska: $9/hr

While the recent discussions of fast food wages in America have pegged increases at $15/hr, even getting states to get to $10/hr is a huge success.

Unfortunately, many of these raises will still leave entire families below the poverty line. Experts have commented that wage increases will not be sufficient. Populations will also require access to longer work weeks so that they can generate greater levels of income. Higher wages with a shortened work week will leave many blue collar workers still struggling to make ends meet.

These wage increases are a great first step in providing all Americans with a livable wage.

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