VW May Compensate Diesel Vehicle Owners Following Emissions Scandal

Volkswagen emissions lawsuitIn September, Volkswagen admitted to deceiving vehicle owners by installing underhanded software to rig emissions tests on 11 million cars internationally. Despite being heavily marketed as clean diesel cars, the actual toxic pollutant amounts are 10 to 40 times above the legal limit and may contribute to hazardous levels of output. Additionally, owners of affected vehicles may face reduced resale value, fuel economy and loss of horsepower as a result of the fraud.

What Volkswagen Vehicles Were Affected?

To date, the vehicles impacted by the scandal are: the Golf, Beetle, Passat and Jetta with model years between 2009 and 2015. Added to the investigation is the Audi A3.

How Has the Emissions Scandal Impacted Consumers?

While no recalls have been issued yet regarding the above cars, vehicle owners can expect to receive notice once Audi and Volkswagen have found a solution for the emissions software. Many consumers who know that their vehicles are not doing what they were advertised to do want compensation or Volkswagen to buy back their vehicles. Edmunds.com is advising owners to hang on to their cars for the time being since they would probably receive less money for their cars in a resale or trade-in.

If VW is ordered to fix the deceptive emissions software, loss of horsepower and fuel economy may result. Many consumers purchased their VW vehicles because they were supposed to be more environmentally friendly, had acceptable horsepower and exhibited better fuel economy.

More Information on the VW Emissions Scandal

Thousands of consumers have been affected across the country, and Volkswagen is now facing a barrage of litigation. There are numerous civil lawsuits as well as federal suits. Other consumers are interested in class action lawsuits against Volkswagen. An experienced injury attorney can help hold Volkswagen accountable.

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