Car Breaks Down While Driving? Follow These Safety Tips

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While many motorists are prepared for the dangers of an auto accident, many drivers forget about the dangers of a mechanical failure in a vehicle.

A meltdown in the engine, a tire blowout, or other defect while driving a vehicle can pose a serious danger to the driver, passengers and other motorists on Tennessee's roadways.

Greg Coleman Law attorneys have put together a serious of safety tips that can help drivers make smart, calm and safe decisions after a vehicle breaks down.

If you are driving and are faced with a mechanical or other failure, you should:

  • Immediately turn on your hazards
  • Roll down your window for fresh air
  • Call for help as soon as possible
  • Begin moving towards the shoulder of the road as soon as possible
  • Never try to cross highway lanes on foot
  • Keep your seatbelt if you cannot exit the vehicle
  • If on the highway, stay in your vehicle until help arrives
  • If you must get out of your car, exit away from traffic

Drivers can also prepare in advance. Regularly scheduled maintenance checks can solve car problems before they are an issue. Water, snacks and spare tire kits should all be packed in a vehicles emergency kit and placed in the trunk.

Vulnerable elderly adults and teenagers are especially at risk for panicking and becoming involved in an accident when a car breaks down. Make sure to discuss safety tips with elderly loved ones and young teenagers to make sure that a safety plan is in place to address what to do if a car breaks down. 

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