TVA Receives Ninth Citation In Three Years By NRC

The Tennessee Valley Authority is responsible for the economic development of the entire valley, along with providing navigation, flood control, fertilizer manufacturing and electricity generation for its residents.

 In December 2012, the TVA's Browns Ferry plant location was cited by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for unsafe working conditions after an operator error tripped the Unit 2 reactor. NRC spokesman Joey Ledford said, "Even though the unit was safely shut down and there was no threat to workers or people living near the plant, the NRC has preliminarily determined that the finding is white, meaning it has low to moderate safety significance."

Since the December citation, Browns Ferry has been given the worst NR safety rating in the entire country, marking nine citations in a three-year period for the Tennessee Valley Authority.

Although no injuries were reported in the case of the misfiring reactor, workplace accidents are a common occurrence, especially in a working environment as dangerous as a nuclear power plant. Workers compensation rights cover employees in case of injury or illness on the job, but what if a claim is denied?

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The workers that were present at the Browns Ferry reactor incident were extremely lucky, but no employee should have to worry about the safety of their surroundings, especially in an industry that is so highly regulated.

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