Traffic Camera Enforcement Bills

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Legislators in Tennessee have been debating how to regulate traffic cameras in the state. Currently, legislation to ban the use of automatic red light speeding-enforcement cameras is progressing in the house.

On the Senate side, state senators are rapidly approaching a compromise that would limit and constrain how unmanned traffic cameras are used but would stop short of banning them outright.

The Senate Transportation Committee amended the bill and struck the language banning the use of the cameras. They inserted increased restrictions on the types of citations that may be issued with the cameras.

If the version in the Tennessee Senate is the version of the bill that is implemented, then speed-enforcement cameras would be prohibited from issuing drivers a citation unless the vehicle is speeding more than 15 mph the speed limit in the area.

The Senate Bill 1128 will be put forward in front of the entire Senate now that it has cleared the hurdles in the transportation committee.

Interestingly enough, the two houses are diametrically opposed. If the two separate bills are adopted in each house, a joint-reconciliation committee will have to reconcile the two versions.

Safety advocates arguing for the use of the cameras argue that the drivers who know about the presence of the cameras are less likely to violate traffic laws and therefore less likely to become involved in accidents.

Traffic Light Cameras in Tennessee

The safety of the residents of our state is incredibly vital. At the same time, the use of automatic cameras that are unmanned to issue tickets and citations that carry financial repercussions for residents of our state is a very serious issue.

In many states, the cameras have been found to be deficient in their operation. While some studies do show that the cameras can reduce the incidences of auto accidents, conflicting studies show no reduction.

In either case, this issue will continue to develop and the licensed Knoxville, TN accident attorneys at Greg Coleman Law will be remaining abreast of any and all auto safety changes that could impact the lives of residents. 

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