Toyota Extends Dashboard Warranty on 4.5 Million Vehicles

melting dashboard lawyerAfter numerous complaints and several class action lawsuits, Toyota has finally agreed to extend the warranty on 4.5 million vehicles with sticky, cracked and melted dashboards.

The company is likely to have acted in the face of investigative journalists, increasing consumer complaints, and pressure from mounting class action lawsuits alleging that the companys dashboards were defective.

In light of this warranty extension, consumers will be able to replace their dashboards free of charge at Toyota and Lexus dealerships. For owners who already paid out-of-pocket to replace their dashboards, they will be entitled to reimbursement at up to $1,500 per dashboard.

The extended warranty only applies to dashboards that were damaged by heat and humidity. If the dealers find that the dashboards were damaged by other means, then the new extended warranty is not likely to apply.

All owners of the 3.5 million Toyota vehicles that have been impacted will receive letters from Toyota in the mail in May of 2015. Authorized Toyota and Lexus dealers are the only locations where the work may be completed.

The company is extending the dashboard warranty coverage on the following vehicles:

  • Toyota 4Runner (model years 2003-05)
  • Toyota Avalon (model years 2005-10)
  • Toyota Camry (model years 2007-11)
  • Toyota Sienna (model years 2004-10)
  • Toyota Solara (model years 2004-08)
  • Lexus Es 350 (model years 2007-08)
  • Lexus GX 470 (model years 2003-08)
  • Lexus IS 250.350 (model years 2006-08)
  • Lexus LS 460 (model year 2007)
  • Lexus RX 330 (model years 2004-06)
  • Lexus RX 350 (model years 200-09)
  • Lexus RH 400h (model years 2005-08)

Attorneys at Greg Coleman Law have already filed a class action lawsuit against Mazda for selling melting and defective dashboards to consumers.

We are investigating additional class action lawsuits against other auto companies who have sold vehicles with similar defective dashboards.

If you own a Toyota, Mazda, Lexus or Infiniti vehicle in which the dashboard became sticky and ruined after melting in the sun, contact our law firm immediately.

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