TN Police: Bus Driver Texting in Deadly Crash

Following a lengthy six-month comprehensive investigation, texting behind the wheel is being blamed for a deadly school bus crash that claimed three lives in Knox County last year.

Authorities say two schoolchildren and a teacher's aide were killed due to injuries sustained in the accident. However, authorities say there will be no criminal prosecution, because the driver has since reportedly died of natural causes.

Knoxville police say the driver sent and received multiple text messages while on Asheville Highway near Governor John Sevier Highway. 

At some point police say the distracted bus driver made a sudden left turn across a concrete median and crashed into a school bus carrying young children.

"This has been a very difficult procedure for all involved, and hopefully, this has provided the families another step in their healing process," police said in the statement.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to all the family members and friends affected by this tragedy.

In addition to coping with the healing process, the families of the victims are reportedly pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit. While the bus driver in this case is deceased, the company that he worked for may be responsible for his error in judgment. Had the driver survived, the families would be within their rights to pursue a wrongful death case against him as well.

Any activity that takes the drivers attention away from the road is a distraction, and cell phones are among the most common distractions on the road in recent years. While inexperienced and young drivers are at the highest risk to be involved in fatal crashes caused by distractions, even professional drivers, like this one, are often involved.  

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