The Hits Don't Stop Coming For General Motors

The third week of June has brought a third wave of recall announcements from the auto giant General Motors (GM). On Monday, June 16 2014, GM announced that it would recall an additional 3.16 million vehicles due to newly identified ignition key and ignition switch defects.

The automaker has identified a potential problem with ignition keys inadvertently altering the ignition switch away from the on position while consumers drive the vehicles. The company intends to either fix all of the ignition keys so that they fit in the ignition slot more snugly or will replace the keys entirely.

The problem has arisen when heavily weighted ignition keys attached to numerous other keys and key rings are jostled by potholes, railroad tracks or other poor road conditions. Under these conditions, the ignition key in some GM cars will shift the ignition switch away from the on position.

This is dangerous because the car can begin to lose power and decelerate. General Motors is encouraging motorists of recalled vehicles to drive their cars with only the single ignition key in the ignition switch. The company is encouraging motorists to avoid driving with heavily weighted keys until the ignition switch has been fixed.

General Motors will be fixing all of the ignition keys in the recalled vehicles where possible. The company has identified that some ignition keys cannot be fixed because they will be too worn out and will need to be replaced. The ignition keys that cannot be fixed will be replaced free of charge by GM.

The vehicle models recalled by GM include multiple years of Buicks, Chevrolets, Cadillacs, and Chevys. To read the recall announcement in detail and identify all of the model years that were recalled, consult GMs press release. The company is projecting that the recalled vehicles will begin to be fixed by GM dealerships within the next few weeks. 

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