Tennessee Workers’ Compensation: Am I Eligible?

hurt workerTennessee workers have the right to file a workers’ compensation claim if their injuries directly resulted from an on-the-job accident or if their condition developed due to workplace exposure or repetitive activity.

What injuries and illnesses are eligible?

Per workers’ compensation law in Tennessee, work-related injuries and diseases that require care by a physician or cause an employee to miss work are considered valid work injuries and illnesses. A work-related death can also qualify surviving family members for benefits.

Such an injury or illness must have occurred during the worker’s course and scope of employment and should be reported immediately.

Who is eligible?

Workers’ compensation law in Tennessee does not cover every worker in the state, including:

  • Federal employees working in Tennessee, who are covered under federal workers’ compensation laws
  • Domestic workers, independent contractors and certain agricultural workers
  • Sole proprietors and business owners who choose to opt out if they meet certain criteria

Filing a Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Claim

Tennessee workers should report workplace injuries or ailments as soon as possible. They must be reported no later than 30 days after the injury occurs or upon learning from a health professional that your injury is work-related. It is advised that you submit notification in writing.

Your employer will need to fill out the Tennessee Employer’s First Report of Work Injury or Illness form, acknowledging your potential claim for workers’ compensation within a day of being notified about your injury. The report must be completed even if your employer is disputing that your condition is work-related. Your employer must then notify the Occupational Health and Safety Administration of your claim, along with its workers’ compensation insurance provider.

The insurance provider should notify you within 15 days whether your claim will be approved or denied. If your claim is denied, you should hire a workers’ compensation attorney who can guide you through the appeals process and work to get your claim approved.

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