Teen Traffic Fatalities in Tennessee Reach New Heights

The Governors Highway Safety Association has released a new annual report indicating the state of highway safety across the country, more specifically, with a concentration on teen fatalities. Sadly, the state of Tennessee tied for the largest number of U.S. traffic fatalities in 2012.

As we continue to get data regarding the number of motor vehicle collisions, injuries, and fatalities, in seems as though the state of the roadways in Tennessee is unfavorable. Each year there are about 70,000 Tennessee auto accidents and over 1,000 fatalities, according to reports from the Tennessee Department of Safety.

Clearly, Tennessee drivers must do a better job of increasing the safety of all roads and highways. As more and more motorists enter the roadways and congest the roads, it becomes even more critical to exercise safety measures at all times. Inexperience and immaturity have been acknowledged as the two main factors that often contribute to fatal teen crashes.

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