Takata Corp. Announces Recall of Replacement Airbags

Takata replacement airbags recalledJust weeks after announcing the largest recall in U.S. history, Takata Corp. (Takata) has revealed that approximately 10 percent of airbag replacement parts will need to be replaced a second time.

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On Tuesday, Takata executives faced a Congressional hearing that ultimately led to their announcement that some of the airbags used for repairs would need to be recalled. According to Takata, the replacement airbags contained the batwing inflator they believe is the cause of the exploding airbags.

The batwing inflators have reportedly been found in each of the vehicles wherein a victim was fatally or seriously injured as a result of the airbags explosion.

Reuters recently reported that approximately 400,000 replacement inflators would need to be replaced again in U.S. vehicles. It remains unknown if replacement parts used in Canada and other parts of the world need to recalled. The safety of three million replacement parts used in recalled vehicles also remains questionable.

Takata expects to provide at least 1 million inflators a month, which means it could take approximately 34 months to repair every single vehicle that has been recalled. The company has also said they intend to stop producing airbags with the batwing inflator.

Takata airbags have caused dozens of injuries and six deaths. Although the company is taking responsibility, millions of vehicles with potentially dangerous airbags remain on the road.

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