Summer is Accident Season

Statistics provided by the U.S. Department of Transportation demonstrate that the chances of a driver becoming involved in an automobile accident increased significantly during the summer. As a result, many law enforcement agencies increase their patrols during the summer months.

Additional statistics from the United States Department of Transportation show that fatalities rates also increase during summer holiday weekends. The following demonstrates the numbers of automotive accident fatalities during significant summer holidays compared to that of other seasons:

Memorial Day Weekend 473 Auto Accident Fatalities

4th Of July Weekend 410 Auto Accident Fatalities

Labor Day Weekend 360 Auto Accident Fatalities

Non-Summer Holiday Weekends:

Christmas Weekend (3 Day) 262 Auto Accident Fatalities

New Years Weekend (4 Days) 468 Auto Accident Fatalities

Thanksgiving Weekend 411 Auto Accident Fatalities

As these statistics show, the summer auto accident fatalities far outweigh that of the other seasons of the year.  In addition, teen drivers between the ages of 15 to 20 are also three times more likely of becoming involved in a fatal car accident during the summer months. This is primarily associated to these drivers being inexperienced and driving more because school is out of session.

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