State Officials Warning Motorists to Watch for Deer | Knoxville TN

State officials are reminding motorists that deer season is upon us. Between October and December the number of deer-related accidents in Tennessee increases exponentially.

The chances of striking deer are considerably higher during hunting and mating season, especially in November, warned Tennessee Highway Patrol Colonel Tracy Trott in a prepared statement. Drivers are being warned to slow down and be particularly cautious during these next few months.

In 2012 there were an estimated 5,911 deer-related crashes reported. During the final three months approximately 48% of all deer-related collisions occurred. The number of deer collisions in Knox County specifically has doubled in the past ten years.

Tennessee drivers should be aware that the majority of deer-related crashes were reported on interstates primarily during dusk and dawn. During the early morning and early evening hours is when deer are more active.

Furthermore, if you see a deer crossing the road you can expect that another, and possibly more, will follow. If you happen to see a door on a road, slow your vehicle down and if possible move into another lane away from the animal.

Anyone who is involved in a deer-related accident should not approach the hurt animal and immediately report the incident to local authorities.

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