Can I Recover Compensation for a Single-Vehicle Crash?

young female sitting by a crashed carMost car accidents involve at least two vehicles, which may help to make it clearer when determining liability. However, if a crash only involves one vehicle, can you still recover compensation for your injuries and other losses?

Learn more about single-vehicle crashes, including how they happen, and who may be held liable.

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How Do Single-Vehicle Crashes Happen?

There are numerous ways that a single-vehicle crash may happen. Often, it is the driver of the crashed vehicle who is often at fault. For example, if he or she was:

  • Speeding too fast around a curve or sharp corner
  • Going too fast for current weather conditions
  • Driving while intoxicated or otherwise impaired
  • Distracted while driving and not watching the road

There are other situations that are out of your control that may lead to a single-car crash:

  • An animal darts suddenly into the road, causing you to swerve to try to avoid hitting it
  • A large pothole or another road hazard on a poorly lit highway or residential road
  • Lack of signage for road hazards, such as road construction, road changes or a sudden, sharp curve
  • Another driver forces you off the road and then takes off to avoid being caught
  • You have a sudden mechanical failure that is not due to poor vehicle maintenance
  • A child or other pedestrian suddenly dashes into the road, causing you to slam on your breaks or swerve

Who May Be Liable for a Crash if I Am the Only Vehicle Involved?

Liability for a crash is determined on a case-by-case basis. However, there are some common situations that may result in others being liable for your single-car crash, including:

Government Agencies

If road design or a poorly maintained road contributed to your car crash, you may be able to recover compensation for your damages against the relevant agency.

In Tennessee, although the state waives government immunity in cases involving a collision, you have just 12 months to file a claim. Additionally, under the Tennessee Governmental Tort Liability Act, there are set liability limits of $300,000 for the bodily injury or fatality for one individual per accident.

Car Manufacturers

If a car defect was a primary or contributing cause for your car crash, you may be eligible to hold the manufacturer, distributor and/or retailer liable for your damages.

Animal Owners

The owner of a domestic animal may be held liable for negligence if his or her pet contributed to your single-vehicle collision. For example, an owner could be liable for a crash if he or she allowed their pet to roam outside without supervision and that pet darted into the street, causing you to swerve and crash.

Your Own Insurance

You may also be eligible to seek compensation through your own insurance policy, such as if another driver forced you off the road and then fled the scene.

Workers' Compensation

If you have a single-vehicle accident while working and driving a company vehicle, you may be eligible to seek a workers’ compensation claim to obtain medical care coverage, lost wages and other benefits.

What Can I do After Being Involved in a Single-Vehicle Collision?

In the moments following a single-vehicle collision, you may be in shock and unsure what steps to take next. However, there are a few things you can do to ensure the safety of you and any passengers riding with you:

  • If possible, move your vehicle as far to the shoulder of the road and away from moving traffic as possible.
  • Check your passengers and yourself for injuries.
  • Call the police to get medical assistance to the scene faster. Having police on the scene also helps by providing an official record of what happened.
  • Seek medical attention immediately to protect your health and any claim you may later seek.

When Do You Have to Report a Car Crash in Tennessee?

According to state laws, you must notify the closest law enforcement agency in Tennessee if you have a crash where:

  • There are any injuries or fatalities
  • Property damage exceeds $50.00
  • The city requires all accidents to be reported
  • It is required by your auto insurance company

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