Who is Liable For a Wide-Turn Truck Crash in Tennessee?

truck making a wide turnWide-turn truck crashes are often the result of driver negligence, however, there are circumstances where other third parties may share liability.

Greg Coleman Law explains more about how wide-turn truck crashes happen, including who may be liable for your injuries and other damages.

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What is a Wide-Turn Truck Accident?

Semi-trucks, tractor trailers, big rigs and 18-wheelers all require a wider turning radius, especially if the vehicle is turning right. If the driver does not handle the maneuver safely, another car, motorcycle or even a pedestrian could be hit by the turning truck.

On tighter streets, these turns are extremely difficult for larger semi-trucks and 18-wheelers to complete safely. In fact, to be able to make a right turn, it is often necessary for a truck to swing into the left lane first to allow a sufficient turning radius. In this type of situation, a truck driver must take extreme care to make sure he or she does not collide with another vehicle. Additionally, the driver must watch for pedestrians, bicycles or other vehicles who may be approaching or on the sidewalk to the right of the truck.

Who May Be Negligent For a Wide-Turn Truck Collision?

Often the driver of the truck may be negligent in a wide-turn accident, especially if he or she did not take all reasonable precautions needed to execute a wide-turn. Truck driver negligence and common errors that can lead to a wide-turn truck crash include:

  • Swinging out too far into the left lane and colliding head-on with oncoming traffic
  • Failing to properly check for traffic and pedestrians prior to turning
  • Executing the turn from the wrong lane
  • Failing to properly set mirrors to reduce blind spot areas
  • Neglecting to wait for a clear break in traffic to make the turn
  • Failing to use a turn signal to warn other drivers before turning
  • Executing the turn too quickly, causing the truck to rollover and collide with another vehicle
  • Driving while impaired or intoxicated while driving

Could a Trucking Company Share Liability for a Wide-Turn Accident?

While truck driver error is often the cause for a wide-turn accident, there are contributing circumstances that may result in shared liability of other parties, including the trucking company.

A trucking company may share liability for a wide-turn accident due to:

  • Failure to suspend a driver with prior or existing driving violations
  • Insufficient driver training
  • Failure to properly oversee or supervise drivers

If we handle your case, these are some of the details our Knoxville truck accident lawyers are prepared to look for when we investigate the cause of your accident.

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