School Bus Accident Lawsuits in Knoxville

On December 2, 2014 a horrific school bus accident occurred killing two children in Knoxville, Tennessee.

The bus driver was receiving and sending multiple text messages when the school bus collided with another bus. Reverend A. Gene Thomas Junior, a pastor of one of the child victims said:

"Unfortunately we live in a society where individuals break the law and tragically take the life of someone else because they're negligent."

Tragic accidents resulting from negligent behavior, like texting, are certainly hard to comprehend.  If you or your child have been involved in such a tragedy resulting from a school bus or vehicle accident, our experienced lawyers at Greg Coleman are here to support you in getting the justice you deserve. 

Negligence and School Bus Accidents

Determining legal liability in school bus accidents can be a complex issue.  Often who is liable for the accident depends on state law and the form of liability that has occurred, including breach of warranty, negligence, or strict liability claims.

Below are some examples of negligence that cause school bus accidents to occur:

  • Negligent Driver - If a driver fails to stop during bad weather, violates traffic laws, is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, is fatigued or texts/ talks on his or her cell phone, this is considered negligent behavior.
  • School Bus Defects - If a bus is not designed properly or has a manufacturing defect that causes an accident to occur, this is considered negligence.
  • Bus Owners Improper Maintenance of School Vehicles - If a private school bus owner does not properly maintain the vehicle to be in safe and working condition, this is considered negligent.

The compassionate accident attorneys in Knoxville at Greg Coleman Law Firm bring their compassionate knowledge and expertise to help you receive the compensation you deserve for your pain and grief resulting from such school bus negligence.

Although we cannot take away such an injury or bring your loved one back, an injury lawyer from our firm may be able to help bring light to your tragedy by getting you the compensation you rightfully deserve.

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