Rubbernecking: Auto Accident Waiting to Happen

Knoxville Rubbernecking Accident AttorneysIts a feeling that is all too familiar. The temptation of glancing out of the window of your car when you pass an auto accident scene or are wondering why traffic was backed up so long. It's an impulse that causes many roadway accidents each year.

If you or a loved one is involved in an accident caused by a distracted driver who was rubbernecking, do not hesitate to call our experienced auto accident lawyers for a free case evaluation.

What is Rubbernecking?

Rubbernecking refers to motorists who have the tendency of gazing out of their cars to look at an incident on the road. In many cases, drivers who rubberneck are involved in careless road accidents which result in severe injuries.

Causes of Rubbernecking

  • Distracted driving: When distracted drivers takes their eyes off the road for even five seconds, this is equivalent to driving the entire length of a playground with a blindfold.
  • Rear-end collisions: When the traffic slows, there is a short distance between cars. If you or the other drivers are less attentive, the end result will be rear-end collisions.
  • Opposite lane crashes: Drivers tend to feel safe when looking over a crash scene that is away from their lane.
  • Swerves and sideswipes: When a driver is busy looking away from the road, they can easily maneuver their car out of their lane.

If you are a victim or have been involved in a rubbernecking related auto accident, our licensed Knoxville auto accident attorneys are highly experienced in personal injury claims. We can help you get the best settlement possible through our rigorous efforts and passionate court representation. Do not settle with injuries due to your anxiety of court cases, call a personal injury attorney in our Knoxville office to seek justice.

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